The definition of homework

The question of homework is one of the most recent ones that we are getting nowadays. Many experts call such countries like Finland and some places in Europe where the students do not get homework as one of the best in terms of education. There are many reasons to say that the homework is something that the kids should not have. One of the biggest reasons against homework is the fact that kids need to work on their hobbies instead of doing the tasks they get at school every day. Sure, that means more work at schools, but who would be against doing what they like at home? Therefore, there are many talks on removing the homework from a modern educational system. Yet, some tell the argument which says that the homework is something which helps us to become better, and learns something. Therefore, it is important to talk about the homework and decide whether we need it or not. To understand this question better, we will first need to understand the definition of the homework. Here are some looks that it might have in the current time.

  1. Calculations

This is usually assigned to the mathematical tasks or economy, where you have to calculate various things. You can also meet this in a simplified way in physics and astronomy. All of these subjects make the students take out their calculators and try to cope with the numbers given to them. Sure, learning all of that is quite important, but in real life, we will need just a little part of that in most of the cases. Therefore, many questions come up on whether the program needs to have all of these for the older classes. Moreover, some scientists have offered the idea of dividing the Math into the smaller pieces and teaching only the ones, which will be required from you in the future. For example, such things as the basics of programming are important nowadays and by knowing those, you might be able to save up a lot of money. Yet, in a way it looks right now, there is no need for the calculation subjects’ homework.

  1. Writing tasks

Such type of homework paper is getting more and more popular as people think that this is the best way to express yourself. For example, you can write an essay on something on your feeling or experiences and that would be a great way to report on your results of something. That allows you to express yourself in a way that would be easy to understand by the others. When you talk about writing, we can say that such classes as the language classes use the essays the most, but in many cases, they would be useful for other classes. If you want to see that the student knows the historical part or event, you can easily ask them about their opinion on it and if they know something about that, you will be given a detailed answer. Also, you can meet such tasks at the science classes, where the students get the task to describe something. Generally, the writing tasks are something that is great for the homework, as it does not require a lot of preparation if you know the subject on the needed level. Yet, it still takes time to do, so there might be many rumors on whether we need this type of homework, just like with the mathematical problems.

  1. Practical task

One of the types of homework that many consider being really useful for a student in the practical work. That is the time when the student has to create something or do something, usually in terms of a project. One of the classes where you can get such a task is the science class. Yet, you are getting such tasks at class in most of the cases, meaning that you are not leaving the fun part for the homework. Instead, you are getting something that requires a lot of paperwork. That means that the way to solve the problem is simple – you have to change the places of each task. This way, the kids will be doing the simple practical work that is not dangerous at home and following it with some simple paperwork like the paper where you say what you have done and what happened. The rest you will be finishing at school. This way you are doing something interesting at home while the rest will be left to the school. Also, another way to do this is to completely remove this type of homework, leaving it for the classes. The only problem that might come up with this decision is the fact that the teachers will not have enough time in order to explain everything in just one lecture.

  1. Research work

This is one of the types of homework that is told to make its way out soon. There are many reasons to think so, but one of the main facts that make this change look like a reasonable one is the fact that it requires a lot of time to do of for those who are not experts in the field. Therefore, it might be a great idea to remove this type of homework or change it to the easier one