Are Romeo and Juliet rebellious?

Are Romeo and Juliet rebellious?

Romeo and Juliet are both rebellious in the sense that they just goes along with their feelings and ignore everything that will tamper or destroy it. Even though it did come to a point that it was to choose between family or love , love was chosen.

How does Juliet rebel against her parents?

Juliet completely rebelled against her parents’ wishes of her getting married to Paris and would rather die than marry Paris. Romeo and his friends ignore and blatantly disregard laws and rules put in place to keep order in their town.

Is the story of Romeo and Juliet still relevant today?

Romeo and Juliet’s story is still relevant today, as people in society and religion have similar experiences with what they went through. But there are also common events that happen in religion that are also similar to Romeo and Juliet. Arranged marriages in Muslim culture.

How does society affect Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet paints a tale about two young lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, whose attempts to be together are cruelly thwarted by society. Society’s fixation on honor and disgrace, poverty-creating laws, and austere social roles all have crucial functions in causing the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

What is Romeo fear?

When Romeo crashed the Capulet family’s party, he feared that if his true identity were to be discovered, a big trouble may arise and and may cause a big consequence for him. This line “Some consequence. Yet hanging in the stars”, may refer to a feeling of death because of the characteristic of a star to fall and die.

Are Romeo and Juliet rebellious in the modern sense?

Romeo and Juliet are rebellious, but are not that rebellious in a modern sense. When the play was written by William Shakespeare in the 1500’s, it was rebellious to marry someone that parents didn’t chose. Juliet is more rebellious especially because she told her parents she wouldn’t marry Paris.

Why do you think that the story of Romeo and Juliet continues to be popular today?

Romeo and Juliet is still so popular because of its use of themes. One of the countless reasons ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is still so popular, is because of the play’s use of relatable universal themes. One example of a relatable universal theme: is love and hate can drive people to do outrageous things.

What do Juliet’s rebellious actions reveal about her?

What do Juliet’s rebellious actions reveal about her? It shows that she will do anything for the person she loves, even if it kills her.

What does adversary mean in Romeo and Juliet?

Terms in this set (115) adversary. enemy. boisterous. loud; noisy.