How do you cite CJS?

How do you cite CJS?

The basic citation format will include:

  1. Full name of the author(s)
  2. Title of the specific work (underlined or italicized)
  3. Title of the collection (underlined or italicized)
  4. Page number.
  5. Publication information (if applicable)
  6. Year of publication.

How do you cite two authors Bluebook?

  1. Works by more than two authors are cited using the first author”s name and “et al.” unless the inclusion of the other authors” names is significant.
  2. Works by two authors are cited using both names separated by “&”.

What does et al mean in court case?

(et-ahl Abbreviation for the Latin phrase “et alia,” meaning “and others.” This is commonly used in shortening the name of a court case, so that instead of listing all the plaintiffs or defendants, one of them will be listed followed by the term “et al.”

How do you Bluebook cite a thesis?

How to access our Bluebook Dissertation/Thesis online citation generator

  1. first and last names.
  2. the title of the dissertation.
  3. the year the dissertation was published.
  4. which company published the dissertation.
  5. Link to the dissertation (if you read it online) and he date you accessed it.

Do you include JR in Bluebook citation?

Author names should be included in full just as they appear in the original publication. Include such designations as “Jr.” or “III” but not titles such as “Dr.,” even if included in the original work. Offset “Jr.” or “III” with a comma only if that is how it appears in the original.

How do you cite an interview transcript?

To cite a published interview, follow the format for the source type in which it was published. The author is usually the interviewer….Citing a newspaper interview.

Format Interviewer name, Initials. (Year, Month Day). Interview title. Newspaper Name. URL
In-text citation (Dundas, 2019)

What does et ux mean?

and wife

What is the difference between co ownership and joint ownership?

Joint owners have rights that are defined by the type of ownership method chosen. The term “co-owner” implies that more than one person has an ownership percentage of the property. Joint ownership, in its three common forms, refines and defines the rights of the co-owners.