How do you participate in Hackathon?

How do you participate in Hackathon?

First Hackathon? Here Are 6 Things You Need To Know

  1. Know Your Goals. There are so many good ways to use a hackathon.
  2. Build a Team. You’ll have more control over your experience at the hackathon if you come in with a team pre-formed.
  3. Choose Your Project. Some hackathons have a theme, others are more open-ended.
  4. It Takes a Week to Prepare (at least!)
  5. Timebox.
  6. Take Care.

How do you approach a hackathon?

Here are the goals I keep in mind:

  1. Strengthen the community that the hackathon is for.
  2. Be welcoming to newcomers to the community.
  3. Provide an opportunity for participants to learn something new.
  4. Provide a space and a time for participants to make headway on problems they are interested in.

What should I learn for hackathon?

Here are our 6 tips for preparing for your first hackathon:

  • Know what you want to accomplish and why. This applies to more than just hackathons – before starting anything, it’s important to set goals for yourself.
  • Research the topic and theme before going.
  • Assemble your squad.
  • Hype people up.
  • Be prepared.
  • Don’t be a jerk.

Why is it called Hackathon?

The word “hackathon” is a portmanteau of the words “hack” and “marathon”, where “hack” is used in the sense of exploratory programming, not its alternate meaning as a reference to breaching computer security.

How do I conduct a hackathon online?


  1. Build your Online Hackathon Website and Registration Form.
  2. Set up an effective outreach campaign.
  3. Online meetings via webinars.
  4. Select the best ideas and announce the teams.
  5. Milestones, technical support and project submission.
  6. Judging period.
  7. Winners announcement.
  8. Important tips.

How do I use Devpost?

Using Devpost

  1. Sign into your Devpost account and hover over your profile image in the top right corner.
  2. On the next page you can view all the hackathons you have created.
  3. Once you enter the name of your hackathon and the date you want hackers to start submitting click “Create my draft hackathon”.