How do you use TLDR on Reddit?

How do you use TLDR on Reddit?

By putting the tl;dr up top, you’re making the reader scroll up and down the post. First down to initially read the post, then back up to get to the tl;dr if they decide to stop reading, then again back down to get to the next post.

Is TLDR professional?

What does an F mean on Reddit?

It’s a reference to a scene from Call of Duty where you’re at a funeral and given the prompt “Press F to pay respects”.

How do you use TLDR?

For example, someone sharing a story might include the tl;dr at the end to avoid spoiling anything for someone reading the whole thing. tl;dr If the tl;dr is important information, put it at the top. If it’s for convenience, put it at the bottom. The tl;dr at the end is often the result of an unthinking or lazy writer.

What is a F2F student?

Family to Family (special needs children information and education organization) F2F.

What does f2f mean?

face to face

How do I format a TLDR?

Nowadays, most users write the TLDR abbreviation as simply TLDR. Its older and most proper form is TL;DR, which includes a semicolon between the L and D. You might also see the TLDR acronym written as TL/DR or TL/DNR, which stands for did not read.

What does the R mean on Reddit?

geogeo3. 2 years ago. u/ is a username. r/ is for a subreddit. This originates from the URL.

What does TIFU mean?

Today I f**ked up

What does OC mean on Reddit?

Original content

Where do you put TLDR?

If one was to have a TL:DR, it should be at the beginning. For one, it’s there for people who what to get the message of the answer but don’t want to read it. If it’s at the beginning, the person knows they don’t have to read but can still take something away.

What does xB mean?

Experimental Bomber

What does cul8r mean?

see you later

What does OC mean on Tiktok?

OC also means “Original Content.” This is another common definition for OC on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. OC.

How do you use TLDR in email?

You can use the CONCEPT of a tl;dr in a formal mail. just don’t NAME it that. Call it “summary” or a similar term. Clients will love a short and to the point conclusion, because it means they don’t need to read a 50 line email if they can’t or don’t want to.

What does TLDR mean on Reddit?

too long; didn’t read

What does 3@ mean on TikTok?

What does FYP mean on TikTok? This one is pretty simple. That #FYP you see everywhere on TikTok? It means ‘For You Page’.

What does R 4 R mean?

Ready 4 Racing

What does this symbol 3 mean?

and heart emoji can be used to express love or affection for a person or fondness for some event or content. Like the heart symbol, <3. can stand for the word love or heart, e.g., I <3.

What does TLDR mean in texting?

Too long; didn’t read

What does xP mean in texting?

or very exited face