How does all quiet on the western front end?

How does all quiet on the western front end?

After years of fighting, Paul is finally killed in October of 1918, on an extraordinarily quiet, peaceful day. The army report that day contains only one phrase: “All quiet on the Western Front.” As Paul dies, his face is calm, “as though almost glad the end had come.”

Why did soldiers feel betrayed by adults?

Why does Paul Baumer feel betrayed by the adults in his life? Paul feels betrayed because the adults gave him false ideas about patriotism and heroism in battle that were quickly shattered by his first experiences in war.

What is a reason that Paul’s father wants to stay out of Paul’s situation?

Paul ultimately realizes that his father wants him to handle his difficult relationship with Mitchell on his own. Paul is frustrated by Mitchell’s continuing attacks, and he wants to find a way to stop them.

Why can’t Paul tell his mother about the war?

Unable to relieve his mother’s illness, Paul assuages her worries with lies. He can no longer communicate with his parents, and talking about the war simply worries him, because he does not want to put his fears into words. Everything at home is so different from a year ago.

What happened in chapter 6 of All Quiet on the Western Front?

In Chapter 6 of All Quiet on the Western Front, Second Company goes back to the front two days early. On the way, they see enemy troops being resupplied, and are disheartened. They then wait in their bunker to see what luck has in store for them next. They defeat a French attack, causing them massive casualties.

How does Paul Change in All Quiet on the Western Front?

The Effect of War on Paul in All Quiet on the Western Front In All Quiet on the Western Front, Paul is morphed from an innocent child into a war veteran who has a new look on society. Paul used to have a carefree life where he was able to be a kid, but when he enlisted into the army it all changed.

Is all quiet on the western front accurate?

Despite its basis in truth, All Quiet on the Western Front is fiction — its war, however historically accurate, is an imaginary one. A century after the Great War, All Quiet on the Western Front still conveys the human side of war more viscerally than any memorial service.

Why does Paul lie to Kemmerich’s mother?

Paul visits Kemmerich’s mother to deliver the news of her son’s death. She demands to know how he died. Paul lies to her by telling her that he died quickly with little pain and suffering. He also wishes that he had never come home on leave because it only awakens pain for himself and his mother.

What did Kat Katczinsky bring back?

They were younger. What did Kat (Katczinsky) bring back? Straw to sleep on; then two loaves of bread and a blood-stained sandbag full of horse-flesh.

Who was the first to die in Paul’s class to die?

Joseph Behm

What happens in chapter 2 of All Quiet on the Western Front?

In Chapter 2 of ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’, Paul thinks about how the war, which is killing his friends, has changed his future and his perspective on life.

Who is the antagonist in All Quiet on the Western Front?

Baumer’s antagonist is the entire situation of the war. Although he has chosen to join the war effort because he has heard it glorified, he quickly realizes that it causes devastation and destruction with thousands of people losing their lives. Baumer jumps into a shell hole when he finds himself alone.