Is it 30 minute or 30 minute?

Is it 30 minute or 30 minute?

Because the timer is the noun, 30-minute is correct. In the phrase 30-minute timer, the 30-minute is the adjective of the timer (noun). If you’re referring to multiple minutes (minutes being the noun.)

What is two of something called?

pair. noun. two things of the same type that belong together.

What is .53 of an hour?

Decimal Hours-to-Minutes Conversion Chart

Minutes Tenths of an Hour Hundredths of an Hour
51 .8 .85
52 .8 .86
53 .8 .88
54 .9 .90

Is 15 minute hyphenated?

An easy rule of thumb in most cases is that it’s not necessary to hyphenate when the word “minute” ends in “s.” For example, you wouldn’t put a hyphen before “minutes” in the sentence “Joey showered for 15 minutes.” However, it is correct to hyphenate in this case: “Joey took a 15-minute shower.” Let the presence or …

Is multi use one word?

mul•ti•pur•pose adj. designed to serve several purposes; useful for many tasks: The Swiss army knife is an ideal multipurpose tool. Flashcards & Bookmarks ?

Is multi year hyphenated?

Hyphenation of multiyear This word can be hyphenated and contains 3 syllables as shown below.

What does .25 mean in time?

Conversion Chart – Minutes to Hundredths of an Hour Enter time in Oracle Self Service as hundredths of an hour. For example 15 minutes (¼ hour) equals . 25, 30 minutes (½ hour) equals .

What percentage is 25 minutes of an hour?


What is single tasking?

Single-tasking means doing one task at a time with as little distraction and interruption as possible.

What is it called when you can only focus on one thing at a time?

Hyperfocus, a common — but confusing — symptom of ADHD, is the ability to zero in intensely on an interesting project or activity for hours at a time.

Is multi use hyphenated?

In general, don’t hyphenate words beginning with multi- unless it’s necessary to avoid confusion or multi- is followed by a proper noun. Check The American Heritage Dictionary. If you don’t find the word there or in the following list, use multiple before the word instead.

Is follow through hyphenated?

As a verb, follow through is two words with no hyphen. As a noun, follow-through is one word with a hyphen between the two parts. Here are examples of follow through used as a verb: The lizard will follow through with his plans of world domination.

What does multi use mean?

: intended or suitable for more than one use : multipurpose a multiuse device The multiuse path, which opened four years ago, stretches from Glenwood Springs to a parking lot west of Dotsero … .

Is one hour hyphenated?

Because you are making an adjective out of the words one and hour, you should hyphenate. The combination of one and hour modifies the word session.

What is another term for multitasking?

What is another word for Multitask? juggle perform multiple tasks simultaneously. multitask and juggle. balance perform multiple tasks simultaneously. multitask and balance.

How do you spell multi-purpose?

Correct spelling for the English word “multipurpose” is [mˌʌltɪpˈɜːpəs], [mˌʌltɪpˈɜːpəs], [m_ˌʌ_l_t_ɪ_p_ˈɜː_p_ə_s] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for MULTIPURPOSE

  1. multiplex,
  2. multiparous,
  3. multiphase,
  4. multiprocessing,
  5. multifariously,
  6. multifarious,
  7. multiprocessor,
  8. multipotent,

Is 30 second hyphenated?

Yes, hyphen; no ‘s’– when it is an adjective.

Is 30 minutes a long time?

30 minutes is equal to 0.5 hours.

How do you convert time?

To convert time to just hours:

  1. 2 hours is 2 hours * (1 hour/ 1 hour) = 2 hours.
  2. 45 minutes is 45 minutes * (1 hour / 60 minutes) = 45/60 hours = 0.75 hours.
  3. 45 seconds is 45 seconds * (1 hour / 3600 seconds) = 45/3600 hours = 0.0125 hours.
  4. Adding them all together we have 2 hours + 0.75 hours + 0.0125 hours = 2.7625 hours.

Is forty five minutes hyphenated?

When expressing time in words instead of numerals, you should use a hyphen, as in five-fifteen. But when a hyphen is necessary in the expression of minutes, only hyphenate the minutes, as in five forty-five.

What’s it called when you can do two things at once?

Multi-tasker is probably the most widely recognized English phrase for this. Someone able to do remarkable feats of intellect or creativity, like Leonardo writing and drawing at the same time, is often called a prodigy.

What is more than one thing called?

What is another word for more than one?

plural multiple
numerous several
multitudinous various
myriad diverse
varied sundry