What does Finny broken leg symbolize?

What does Finny broken leg symbolize?

Ready to jump out of the tree Finny is shaken off and falls instead braking his leg. Finny’s leg symbolizes Finny and Genes friendship. Like Finny’s leg their friendship is push to it’s braking point, but then heals (pg 52).

What does Finny say caused him to fall?

How does Finny react when the narrator says that he causes him to fall? Finny doesn’t believe Gene and says that he didn’t do it, Finny thinks that Gene is tired and stressed so he doesn’t know what he is taking about.

Why is lepers enlistment a surprise?

Leper’s enlistment is a surprise because he was a quiet person, who loved peace and quiet. He was also not considered very brave and heroic, which is why Leper’s enlistment to the military is ironic. People thought someone braver, like Brinker, would have been the first to enlist.

What does Finny apologize to genes?

Why does Finny apologize to Gene? Never accuse a friend of a crime if you only have a feeling he did it.

What did leper see right before the army personnel grabbed him?

Answer: Leper enlists after he sees the soldiers fighting on snow skis, he now sees race skiing as the evolution of skiing.

Is a separate peace sad?

During most of the novel A Separate Peace there are many things that are seen to be bleak, for example Leper’s descent into madness, Gene’s violence towards others, and ultimately the death of the Christ-like Finny. However, all of these dark and sad things pave way towards the happy ending of Gene’s final peace.

Are Gene and Finny in love?

Finny implies that a person can only have one “best pal” and names Gene his. homosexual love for Finny, but he panics and cannot express his feelings for Finny. Phineas causes Gene to have a moment of panic, but he copes by suppressing his feelings by reminding himself that Finny is trying to sabotage his life.

Why did leper escape the army?

Why did he “escape” the army? Leper escaped the army because Section 8 was looking for him.

Why did leper’s enlistment make the war seem even more remote?

In some ways Leper’s enlistment makes the war seem more remote, because no one is as ill-suited to war than the mild nature-lover. Yet Leper has been seduced by a recruiter for ski troops. Leper loves to ski (slowly), so he enlists with the hope that he’ll be accepted into the military’s skiing force.

Why does Gene abandon leper during their walk?

Leper tells Gene that he has, in fact, deserted; he did so because the army was planning to give him a Section Eight discharge for insanity, which he says would have prevented him from ever finding work or leading a normal life. Gene makes a few uncertain comments and Leper suddenly breaks down, insulting him.

Why does Gene try on Finny’s clothes?

Why does Gene put on Finny’s clothes? He puts on his clothes because he wanted to be similar to Finny. He accuses him because Finny is always interrupting Gene’s studies and making him waste time.

Did Gene shake the limb on purpose?

There Gene admits jouncing the limb deliberately in order to make Finny fall.

How did Finny fall down the stairs?

Finny admits that Leper’s mental breakdown has convinced him of the reality of the war, and he tells Gene that he has even seen Leper at Devon. The boys hear Finny’s cane tapping and then the sound of him falling down the marble stairs.

Why do the ski troops appeal so much to leper?

What causes Leper to enlist? Why do the ski troops appeal so much to Leper? Because they are fast and adapt to survival of life. Why do the boys invent stories of Leper as a war hero?