Which country has the most people in the world?

Which country has the most people in the world?

10 most populous countries

Rank Country % of world
1 China 17.9%
2 India 17.5%
3 United States 4.22%
4 Indonesia 3.43%

Why are some countries rich and poor?

Examples might be extreme flooding or desertification . Social factors – some parts of the world have issues that are caused by people. These include low levels of education, poor water quality or a lack of doctors. Political factors – some countries are at war or the government may be corrupt.

Why rich countries help poor countries?

Some say that rich countries should help poor countries with trade, health and education. Improvements in health, education and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. Some say that the governments of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas.

What is the population of billion in India?

The total population in India is estimated at 1.366 billion or 1,366 million or 136.6 crore people in 2019. There are 71.7 cr males and 66.3 cr females living in India. India is the second most populous country in the world behind China.

What is the difference between poor and rich countries?

In common language, the terms “rich” and “poor” are often used in a relative sense: A “poor” person has less income, wealth, goods, or services than a “rich” person. When considering nations, economists often use gross domestic product (GDP) per capita as an indicator of average economic well-being within a country.

Why are some countries so poor?

It is widely accepted that countries are poor because their economies don’t manage to grow sufficiently. Instead, countries are poor because they shrink too often, not because they cannot grow – and research suggests that only a few have the capacity to reduce incidences of economic shrinking.

What country has the youngest population?