Who is considered a paraprofessional?

Who is considered a paraprofessional?

A paraprofessional is an educational worker who is not licensed to teach, but performs many duties both individually with students and organizationally in the classroom. Your child may be assigned a one-on-one paraprofessional as part of his or her Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

What type of math is on the ParaPro test?

It is a test of skills and knowledge in three areas of mathematics: Number Sense and Algebra, Geometry and Measurement, and Data Analysis.

How do I become a paraprofessional in Florida?

To serve as a paraprofessional, applicants are required to meet one or more of the following requirements:

  1. Associate’s degree.
  2. 60 college semester hours from a regionally accredited institution.
  3. Passing score of 464 on the ParaPro Assessment.

What is the role of a paraprofessional?

Paraprofessionals provide instructional, behavioral, and other support to students in and outside of the classroom. Some paraprofessionals work with students in a special education classroom. Others may work with students in a general education classroom or rotate to support all the classes in a specific grade level.

How much does the ParaPro test cost?

How much does the test cost? Test center appointments: The test fee is $55. Some test centers may charge an additional premium or proctoring fee.

How do I study for the paraprofessional test?

Tips for Taking the ParaPro Assessment

  1. FAMILIARIZE yourself with the test before taking it.
  2. READ the directions carefully.
  3. CONSIDER all answer choices before marking one.
  4. PACE your activities.
  5. GUESS rather than not respond at all.
  6. MARK your answers clearly, and give only one answer per question.

How can paraprofessionals work from home?

Participate in Virtual Circle Time If you are continuing to follow a daily circle time schedule, your paraprofessional can take some of the days and use them to review activities that we sent home. They can also take students through technology games or videos that you have chosen.

How much is the ParaPro test?

How do they score the ParaPro test?

ParaPro Scores The assessment test only scores correct answers that consist of one point per right answer. When converted into a raw score, you receive more than 90 points. The converted raw score ranges from 420 to 480.

Can you take the ParaPro test online?

You can take the ParaPro test remotely on your own computer at home or another secure location.