Who was the Count of Monte Cristo in love with?

Who was the Count of Monte Cristo in love with?

Maximilien Morrel

Is Albert the son of Edmond Dantes?

Albert turns out to be Edmond Dantes’ son with Mercedes. Mondego is the cousin of Mercedes and he is only an acquaintance of Edmond. Edmond and Mondego are best friends.

How is count of morcerf killed?

After he is proved a traitor, he is still not remorseful. When he is face to face with Edmond, he pulls out his pistol to shoot him. But Albert, Beauchamp pounce on him, to snatch the pistol from him. In the struggle the pistol goes off and the Count of Morcerf, shoots himself.

Why is a Monte Cristo called a Monte Cristo?

Monte Cristo sandwiches are of American origin. Some sources credit the sandwich’s invention to the Monte Cristo Hotel in Everett, Washington, in its second building erected in 1925 [2]. The hotel itself was named after the Monte Cristo mining region in the Cascades Mountains.

Is the Count of Monte Cristo real?

Alexandre Dumas’ famous story, The Count of Monte Cristo, was a fictional story based on real events. One of its characters, a mad-genius of a scientist who writes his greatest work in prison, was based on a real person. Alexandre Dumas tells the story of Edmond Dantès, a wrongfully imprisoned man.

Is Edmond Dantes a villain?

The Count of Monte Cristo, originally known as Edmond Dantes, is the main antagonist of the anime show Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, alongside Gankutsuou himself. He is inspired from the character of the eponymous novel by French author Alexandre Dumas.

What is the message of The Count of Monte Cristo?

“Revenge does more damage to the avenger than to the avenged.” One of the best pieces of literary genius tells the story of betrayal, survival, faith, revenge and God.

What did Mondego do wrong to Dantes?

The wicked Fernand Mondego is Edmond Dantès’s main antagonist. He is deeply jealous of Dantès for winning the heart of his cousin Mercedes, for whom he has unrequited feelings. Mondego knows that so long as Dantès is in the picture, he will never be able to be with Mercedes. So he resolves to have him destroyed.

Why does caderousse hate Dantes?

Though Dantès left his father with 200 francs, the tailor Caderousse demanded that the elder Dantès pay him a debt that his son owed, which left the old man with only sixty francs on which to live. The two men discuss their dislike for Dantès and accuse him of being arrogant.

Who does Edmond Dantes marry?

At the age of nineteen, Edmond Dantès seems to have the perfect life. He is about to become the captain of a ship, he is engaged to a beautiful and kind young woman, Mercédès, and he is well liked by almost everyone who knows him.

What is the name of the bride Count of Monte Cristo?

Countess Haydee

What are two dominating qualities of the Count of Monte Cristo?

He is bold and does not feel ashamed, in asking Monte Cristo’s forgiveness. He is brave and forth right and tells his father, about his guilt and that he should face his enemy. Albert is a dutiful and an affectionate son. He loves his mother and is very respectful to her.

Who is the villain in The Count of Monte Cristo?

Fernand Mondego

How does Monte Cristo get revenge on danglars?

When Dantès escapes, he takes revenge against his four enemies who conspired against him to send him to prison, in the manner of an eye for an eye. These four conspirators are Danglars, Caderousse, Fernand Mondago, and Villefort. When Edmond went to jail, Danglars ran away and became very rich. Caderousse was a tailor.

Why did Edmond Dantes go to jail?

Edmond Dantes was thrown in jail ,after being framed by his enemies, accused of committing treason and being a bonapartist. The story takes place during the Napoleonic Era while the usurper, Napoleon has escaped to his place of exile, the Isle of Elba, located in the Mediterranean Sea.

Is the Chateau d’If real?

The Château d’If is a fortress (later a prison) located on the island of If, the smallest island in the Frioul archipelago situated in the Mediterranean Sea about 1.5 kilometres (7⁄8 mile) offshore in the Bay of Marseille in southeastern France.

How much money did the Count of Monte Cristo find?

Starting with /u/justsomeguy_youknow ‘s estimate of 30 million francs in 1815, I was able to find a value of a bit over 9 billion dollars.

Is Edmond Dantes black?

The description of him in the later parts of the book describe his skin as almost bone-white, following his years in the Chateau d’If out of sunlight. His hair, it’s true, is black and his eyes are described as black. However, there’s no indication that his ancestry is anything but white French.

How did danglars get rich?

They send Dantés to prison for more than a decade. Then, Danglars succeeds in making himself rich. He began to work for a banker and contracted to furnish some of the army supplies. He himself then became a banker and married the daughter of a chamberlain, making himself a Baron.

How does Edmond Dantes get revenge on Villefort?

How did Edmond get revenge on Cadderousse? Dantes gave caderousse a diamond and when an appraiser came and gave him money for it he killed the appraiser while he was sleeping and took both the diamond and the money. He got caught and sentenced to hard labor in jail.

What happens in The Count of Monte Cristo?

Faria tells Dantès about a treasure hidden on the uninhabited island of Monte Cristo and then dies. Dantès sews himself inside Faria’s burial shroud and is flung into the sea. He frees himself and is rescued by a crew of smugglers. Later he finds the treasure on Monte Cristo.

What does D if mean in French?

It’s a place. It means ‘of If’. Not the same as ‘if I’m English. Château d’If – Wikipedia.

Did Valentine die in Count of Monte Cristo?

Valentine does not die in The Count of Monte Cristo. Her stepmother, Heloise, plans to poison her and take over her inheritance and bestow it upon her own son Edouard.

How long was Edmond Dantes in jail?

14 years

What document in the end of Scene 2 does the Count of Monte Cristo prepare and why?

After the countess’ visit, the Count of Monte Cristo prepared his will. It was at the end of scene ll that he asked his friend Morrel and steward Bertuccio to sign as witness on the will after signing it himself. He prepared the will because he had promised the countess that he would spare the life of her son.

Do Edmond and Mercedes end up together?

But the most interesting thing about it is that Dantes ends up with Mercedes in the end. Haydee is left out entirely and Albert turns out to be the son of Dantes, conceived before he was imprisoned. And at the end, it just felt even more wrong that Mercedes ends up broken, weeping, and completely alone.

How did Fernand Mondego die?

Recognizing him instantly as Edmond Dantès, Fernand is stricken with terror and flees the house. He returns home to find his wife and son departing forever. As they pull away from the house, Fernand shoots himself in the head.

Why does the Count of Monte Cristo not eat?

Answer and Explanation: It is suspected by Albert de Morcerf, the son of Mercedes and Fernand Mondego, that the Count of Monte Cristo does not eat in the presence of others due to an Oriental tradition.

Why did danglars betray Dantes?

Fernand was the fisherman who betrayed Dantes because he was in love with Mercedes. Military glory brought him a fortune, and he changed his name to Count de Morcerf. He commits suicide after Monte Cristo reveals his military treason.

Who does Mercedes marry in The Count of Monte Cristo?

Edmond Dantes