Why does Darry work instead of going to college?

Why does Darry work instead of going to college?

Why does Darry work instead of going to college? He lost his scholarship to play football when he injured his back. He dropped out of high school because he was too bored in school. He got a good job roofing houses and wanted to make lots of money.

Who is the only greaser who doesn’t like fights?

Who is the only Greaser who doesn’t like fights? Ponyboy says he is the Greaser who doesn’t like fights. You just studied 12 terms!

Why is Darry a hero?

Darry can be considered a hero because despite being an athletic, intelligent individual, he chooses to remain loyal to his childhood friends and watch over his brothers. Darry sacrificed an opportunity to attend and play football in college by giving up his scholarship to raise Sodapop and Ponyboy.

What does two bit say to Johnny’s mom?

Two-Bit tells her, “No wonder he hates your guts” (8.45), but manages to keep himself from really telling her off. Pony thinks it will “kill” Johnny if he sees his mother. Dally, meanwhile, is really happy to see them.

Who is Johnny to Ponyboy?

Darrel “Darry” Curtis: The oldest Curtis brother, 20 years old, who has been caring for his brothers since their parents died in a car crash. He is the unofficial leader of the gang. Johnny Cade: Ponyboy’s best friend. 16 years old, who is extremely quiet and lives with his alcoholic, neglectful and abusive parents.

Does Darry want ponyboy in college?

After Darry’s parents had died in a car accident, he was forced to get two jobs in order to provide for his younger brothers. Ponyboy resents the fact that Darry acts cold and is never in the mood to have fun. Unfortunately, Darry had to grow up quickly, and never had the opportunity to go to college.

Who thought Darry was too smart to be a greaser?

This time Ponyboy’s thoughts do convey the sentiment that Darry is most definitely smart. Ponyboy admits that he doesn’t know why he knows that Darry is smart, but Ponyboy definitely knows that the Greaser gang is holding back Darry’s true potential.

What is Johnny’s attitude towards death?

3. Describe Johnny’s attitude towards death. Johnny was casual towards his death, he told Pony to stay golden.

Why is Darry so hard on ponyboy?

Darry comes across as harsh and cruel at times, but that is because he feels responsible for Ponyboy. He has high expectations for Ponyboy and wants him to keep his grades up and come home on time. When Darry gets furious at Ponyboy after he comes home late from the movies, the tension rises.

Who was the hero in the outsiders?

Ponyboy Curtis

Why can’t Darry be a SOC?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. Darry could have been a soc because he met all the physical and mental requirements to be one. He was intelligent, athletic, and attractive. However, his obligations to his family and the gang held him back from capitalizing on those qualities.