How do I route a document in SharePoint?

How do I route a document in SharePoint?

Any SharePoint enterprise site can be enabled for document routing….Create rules to route documents

  1. Select the appropriate content group.
  2. Select the appropriate content type.
  3. If the content type that you selected has a different name on another SharePoint site, under Alternate names, select the checkbox.

What is document routing?

Document routing is a process, when a document is being sent from one person to another for executing the document tasks. Document routing process in ELMA is a business process, which allows modeling the document routing in the company.

How do I create a drop down library in SharePoint 2013?

Drop Off Library Setup Guide

  1. Site Settings > Manage Site Features > Content Organizer > Activate.
  2. Site Settings > Content Organizer Settings.
  3. Site Settings > Content Organizer Rules.
  4. Click + new item to create a new rule.
  5. Navigate to the Drop Off Library.
  6. Upload a document.

How do I use content organizer in SharePoint?

Activate the Content Organizer feature on a site , click Site content, and then click Site settings. On the Site Settings page, in the Site Actions group, click Manage site features. Next to the Content Organizer feature name, click Activate. When the feature is activated, the word Active appears in the Status column.

How do I create a rule in SharePoint?

With the list open in Microsoft Lists, SharePoint, or Teams, near the top of the page, select Automate and then Create a rule. Under Notify someone when, select a condition that triggers the rule. For example, A column changes. Your selection here creates a rule statement that you’ll complete in the next step.

IS routing for approval?

The path a document follows from creation to final approval is known as approval routing. For example, a document might move from Worker 1 to Team Lead A to Manager Alpha for approval. In some organizations, documents can be approved by the person who created them, but this eliminates checks and balances.

How do I install routing agent files?

Install the Document Routing Agent

  1. Open the Manage network printers page (Organization administration > Setup > Network printers).
  2. On the Options tab, in the Application group, click Download document routing agent installer.
  3. Run the downloaded file to begin the installation process.
  4. Complete the setup process.

What is a SharePoint drop off library?

What is Drop off Library in SharePoint? The Drop off library comes with a content organizer feature is basically a way to set up one folder for users to upload files to it and automatically route the files to the appropriate locations that you have configured using content organizer rules.

How do I create a metadata in SharePoint 2013?

How to create metadata in SharePoint?

  1. Go to the list or library where you want to add metadata.
  2. Go to Library Tab.
  3. Click on Library Settings.
  4. Click on Create Column.
  5. In the Column name field, type in the name for your Column (i.e. Department).
  6. Scroll down a bit.
  7. Scroll down a bit.
  8. That’s all – we are done!

How does metadata work in SharePoint?

In SharePoint, metadata is additional information about your files such as the author, file name, creation date, content type and file size to name a few, which make it easier to locate, retrieve and organise your enterprise content.

How do you manage rules in SharePoint?