How old is Tom Sullivan?

How old is Tom Sullivan?

75 years (March 27, 1947)Tom Sullivan / Age

How much does Tom Sullivan make?

As the Senior Vice President – Operations of Sturm, Ruger & Co, the total compensation of Thomas Sullivan at Sturm, Ruger & Co is $1,040,000.

Was Tom Sullivan a cop?

Sullivan. He was sworn in as a Federal Police Officer with the Secret Service Uniformed Division in January 1988. He has over 29 years of diverse public safety experience, to include police officer and Fire & Rescue Emergency positions in the US Air Force.

When did Tom Sullivan go blind?

They include today’s 13th annual Mobil Tom Sullivan 10-K in Torrance. Proceeds from the race will benefit research and prevention of blindness. Born prematurely in 1947, Sullivan was blinded when he was given too much oxygen in an incubator.

Who does Tom Sullivan work for?

Tom Sullivan is one of America’s premiere broadcast hosts, working in many of the biggest media markets across the U.S. He joined the FOX News Business Channel and Fox News Talk Radio in October 2007 from 1530 KFBK in Sacramento, California.

Who was the blind man on highway to heaven?

Tom Sullivan
Although Tom Sullivan plays the fictional character Frank Riley, this character is very close to Tom’s real life outlook, who has been blind since birth. He goes skydiving and does many activities not usually associated with blind people. Like his character, he gives motivational speeches.

What is Tom Sullivan famous for?

Tom Sullivan – known to many as an actor, singer, entertainer, author and producer – lives and works by “Sullivan’s Rules.” One of Sullivan’s first rules is that any negative can be turned into positive. Born prematurely in 1947, Tom was given too much oxygen while in an incubator.

Where does Tom Sullivan broadcast from?

The Tom Sullivan Show is a caller-driven, topical talk show for the drive home. He’s well known for the near-decade he spent pulling double duty on TV and radio with FOX Business Channel and KFBK Radio in Sacramento, California.