Is VIT Pune a good college?

Is VIT Pune a good college?

It is one of the best colleges in Pune with placements and education. Placements: In 2021, about 80% of the students were placed during placements. The average salary package offered is 6 LPA, and the highest salary package offered in the computer science department is 23.8 LPA.

How is VIT Pune for placement?

During the 2021 placements drive at VIT Pune, most of the batch was placed, with the overall placements percentage being more than 98%. The highest package offered during the placements drive was INR 33.75 LPA, while the average salary offered was INR 8.66 LPA.

Does VIT Pune have uniform?

Institute uniform is compulsory on specified days, during University examinations, for internal tests and special functions. Smoking and consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited on the campus. Ragging is strictly prohibited in VIIT campus as well as in Hostels.

How is VIT Pune for CSE?

Placements: In the computer science engineering branch, 90% of the students get placed. The highest salary package offered is 25 LPA in 2020, the lowest salary package offered was 3 LPA and the average salary package offered was 6 LPA. Top recruiting companies of our college are Nvidia, VMware, Symantec and Infosys.

Does VIT Pune accept JEE Main score?

Does VIT Pune accept JEE Mains Score? Ans. Yes, they do accept JEE Main score. The previous year cutoff was 70348 in the first round, 81731 in the second and 59346 in the third round.

Can I get admission in VIT Pune through JEE mains?

VIT Pune offers a four-year B. Tech program in eight specializations. Admissions to the program are done through JEE Main or MHT CET entrance test followed by state-level counseling.

Which is better MIT or Vit Pune?

VIT has great faculty members. For faculty, it is any day better than MIT or even COEP….Which college is better for CS, MIT Pune or VIT Pune.

Particulars VIT Pune MIT Pune
Average CTC 5.7 LPA 3.20 LPA
Highest CTC 54.3 LPA 37.26 LPA
Course fee 7.16 lakhs 12.40 lakhs

Is Vit Pune Good for chemical engineering?

The average salary package… Chemical engineering is good at VIT. Placements: Not all the students get placements, but almost 70 to 80% of the students get placed. Cipla, Sudarshan Chemicals, etc., such reputed companies offered placements to students.

Is there a gym in Vit Pune?

There are one gym and sports room.