Where can I park for free on the Upper East Side?

Where can I park for free on the Upper East Side?

For free street parking other days of the week on the Upper East Side, check out side streets, typically below 96th street. Mornings are the best time of day to find available free street parking. Though there are many garages at convenient locations in the area, prices can get shockingly high.

Where can I get discounted parking in NYC? (website and app) gives access to 185 discounted parking venues in the city, including commercial garages and private garages for hotels and office buildings. Several of the larger New York City garage companies own multiple facilities and offer their own apps that let you snag discounted rates and coupons.

How much is parking Upper East Side?

Parking Rates Near Upper East Side

Parking Type SpotHero Average Price Offered
Commuter Parking $25 – $40
Weekend Parking $17 – $42
Event Parking $20 – $47
Overnight Parking $39 – $64

Where can I street park on the Upper East Side?

135 E 71st St. 54 spots. $462 hours. 2 min.

  • 184 E 73rd St. 59 spots. $362 hours. 5 min.
  • 200 E 69th Street. 200 spots. $322 hours. 6 min. 7′ 6″
  • 700 Park Ave. 51 spots. $472 hours. 7 min.
  • 219 E 69th St. 52 spots. $482 hours. 8 min.
  • 222 E 69th St. 157 spots. 8 min. 7′ 0″
  • 1142 3rd Ave. 120 spots. $382 hours. 9 min.
  • 233 E 69th St. 53 spots. 9 min. 9′ 8″
  • How does drop car work?

    “A customer needs their vehicle picked up, dropped off, moved or whatever.” DropCar is one a growing number of mobile valet services in the city using smartphone technology. DropCar provides four different levels of service, for $9 a valet will pick up your vehicle and drop it at your garage. That’s its basic service.

    Is alternate side parking in effect NYC?

    Alternate side parking and meters are in effect. Follow the ASP Reform rule for residential streets: If an ASP sign shows more than one day, only the last day is in effect for that side of the street.

    What is DropCar?

    About DropCar Founded and launched in New York City in 2015, DropCar (DCAR) offers its Vehicle Support Platform (VSP), a cloud-based platform and mobile apps that help consumers and automotive-related companies reduce the cost, hassles and inefficiencies of owning a car, or fleet of cars, in urban centers.