Did Warren Harding have a daughter?

Did Warren Harding have a daughter?

Elizabeth Ann BlaesingWarren G. Harding / DaughterElizabeth Ann Britton Harding Blaesing was the daughter of Warren G. Harding, the 29th President of the United States, and his mistress, Nan Britton. Harding and Britton, who both lived in Marion, Ohio, began their affair when he was a U.S. senator and it continued until his sudden death during his presidency. Wikipedia

Who is our 29th President?

Warren G. Harding, an Ohio Republican, was the 29th President of the United States (1921-1923).

Who did Warren G. Harding marry?

Florence HardingWarren G. Harding / Spouse (m. 1891–1923)

Who was Woodrow Wilson’s children?

Eleanor Wilson McAdoo
Margaret Woodrow WilsonJessie Woodrow Wilson Sayre
Woodrow Wilson/Children

Where was Warren G. Harding born?

Blooming Grove, OHWarren G. Harding / Place of birthBlooming Grove is an unincorporated community in northeastern North Bloomfield Township, Morrow County, Ohio, United States. The community is located at the junction of State Route 97 and Morrow County Road 20. The nearest city is Galion, Ohio, located to the northwest. Wikipedia

Who did Warren Harding run against?

1920 United States presidential election

Nominee Warren G. Harding James M. Cox
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Ohio Ohio
Running mate Calvin Coolidge Franklin D. Roosevelt
Electoral vote 404 127

What did Harding do as President?

Upon taking office, Harding instituted conservative policies designed to minimize the government’s role in the economy. Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon won passage of the Revenue Act of 1921, a major tax cut that primarily reduced taxes on the wealthy.

Who was Harding’s vice president?

Calvin CoolidgeWarren G. Harding / Vice president (1921–1923)

What was Harding’s Cabinet?


The Harding Cabinet
Office Name Term
Vice President Calvin Coolidge 1921–1923
Secretary of State Charles Evans Hughes 1921–1923
Secretary of the Treasury Andrew Mellon 1921–1923

Who took office in 1923?

Calvin Coolidge Became President. President Harding died unexpectedly while in office, so the vice president, Calvin Coolidge, stepped up. Coolidge succeeded to the presidency on August 3, 1923. He went on to win the next election and therefore served as president of the U.S. for six years.