How many questions are on the USCG exam?

How many questions are on the USCG exam?

The exam covers right-of-way rules, lights, dayshapes, fog signals, and maneuvering signals. This is an open book exam consisting of 50 questions and a score of 70% is required to pass. The exam covers tides, buoys, weather, compass error and relies heavily on the use of the Light List and Coast Pilot.

Which statement is true concerning a vessel under oars?

BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND Which statement is TRUE concerning a vessel under oars? She is allowed to show the same lights as a sailing vessel.

What is the Coast Guard test?

The minimum Army Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) score needed to join the Coast Guard is the highest required score of all military branches. Applicants must earn a 40 or more to qualify for roles with the Coast Guard. This score is also known as an Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) score.

Is the captains license exam hard?

Here’s a secret: The Captain’s course is not hard. While there is a lot of information to cover, we work hard to present it in an easy-to-grasp and relatable way and have been honing our approach for 15 years. While there is some math, most of it can be done with the aid of a calculator.

What does 4 blasts of a ship horn mean?

prepares to depart the dock the skipper gives four blasts on the horn to alert local boaters they are getting underway. Whether this is an official rule, I do not know, but perhaps so. Terry.

Which vessel when anchored at night does not show anchor lights?

(e) A vessel of less than 7 m in length, when at anchor, not in or near a narrow channel, fairway or anchorage, or where other vessels normally navigate, shall not be required to exhibit the lights or shape prescribed in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this Rule.

What is the minimum length of an anchored vessel which is required by the rules to show a white light both forward and aft?

She must show all-round white lights forward and aft. BOTH INTERNATIONAL & INLAND At night, a vessel which is less than 7 meters in length and anchored in an area where other vessels do not normally navigate is __________.

What ASVAB score do I need for Coast Guard?

The AFQT score is often called the ASVAB score, and it determines which branch(es) of the military you are eligible to join….ASVAB Scores and Military Entry Requirements.

Minimum Required ASVAB Scores
Branch High School GED
Coast Guard 36 47
Marine Corps 31 50
National Guard 31 50

Does the Coast Guard use the ASVAB?

The Coast Guard requires that all recruits take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. The current minimum score to qualify is 36, but that is your AFQT score.