What Google does when a government requests your data?

What Google does when a government requests your data?

Government agencies from around the world ask Google to disclose user information. We carefully review each request to make sure it satisfies applicable laws. If a request asks for too much information, we try to narrow it, and in some cases we object to producing any information at all.

What FISA 702?

Section 702: Non U.S. persons Section 702 permits the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence to jointly authorize targeting of non-US persons reasonably believed to be located outside the United States.

Is Microsoft subject to FISA?

US law prohibits us from disclosing more specific information regarding national security legal demands including FISA orders and NSLs. Microsoft disagrees with these laws and believes that greater transparency is critical to maintaining trust in the rule of law.

Why is national security more important than privacy?

Privacy is important to keep your information to yourself and national security helps the nation keeps its sanity in regards to safety. Our national security and national armed forces are the most vital and should be kept important. National security lowers the risk of terrorist events like 9/11.

Can the government see what you search on Google?

Right now, the government can collect web browsing and internet search history without a warrant under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act. Section 215 is the most controversial and dangerous provision of FISA.

Who has your back government data requests?

Who Has Your Back is an annual report released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that evaluates a set of select companies’ policies with regard to how they treat user data when governments demand access.

Does the government control Google?

non-US requests. Because Google is a US-based company, the firm falls squarely under US law, which makes it difficult for it to ignore a request from its home government.

What does Section 215 of the Patriot Act say?

On March 15, 2020, Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act—a surveillance law with a rich history of government overreach and abuse—expired due to its sunset clause.

Is the Patriot Act unconstitutional?

(Though generally, they need a warrant or consent to conduct the search.) Since its passage, several legal challenges have been brought against the act, and federal courts have ruled that a number of provisions are unconstitutional….Patriot Act.

Statutes at Large 115 Stat. 272

Who is subject to FISA?

Under FISA, anyone who engages in electronic surveillance except as authorized by statute is subject to both criminal penalties and civil liabilities. Under 50 U.S.C. § 1811, the President may also authorize warrantless surveillance at the beginning of a war.

Can the government access my Onedrive?

Microsoft does not provide any government with direct and unfettered access to our customers’ data, and we do not provide any government with our encryption keys or the ability to break our encryption.

Can teams messages be subpoenaed?

Within Microsoft Teams, an entire team or select users can be put on legal hold. Doing that will make sure that all messages that were exchanged in those teams (including private and shared channels) or messages exchanged by those individuals are discoverable by the organization’s compliance managers or Teams Admins.