Can I clean my teeth at polyclinic?

Can I clean my teeth at polyclinic?

You may see a dentist at our polyclinics for routine check-ups and basic dental treatments such as: Regular dental care. Scaling and polishing.

Do I need to make appointment for polyclinic?

If you are on regular follow-up, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment before visiting the polyclinic. To make, change or cancel your appointment, call 66436969 or click here . *For patients without appointment: Upon registration, you will be provided with an estimated time slot to be seen on the same day.

Can I walk in to polyclinic?

It is possible for you to walk into the polyclinic without booking an appointment. However, you may experience a longer waiting time, as priority will be given to patients who have pre-booked their appointments before going to the polyclinic.

How do I book an appointment for next day at polyclinic?

  1. HealthHub Website or Mobile App. You may make a same day appointment for acute conditions via the (HealthHub Website) or mobile app, available on Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. NHGP Contact Centre. You may book, reschedule, or cancel your appointment by calling us at 6355 3000.

How much is dental scaling at Polyclinic?

$16.50 to $27.80
7 affordable dental clinics in Singapore

Dental clinic Location Cost (consultation + scaling & polishing)
Polyclinics Islandwide $16.50 to $27.80
NTUC Health Denticare Islandwide $75 to $145
Greenlife Dental Islandwide $95 to $190
Advance Dental Group Islandwide $90

Can dentists give MC?

Can I get MC (medical certificate) from the dentist? The issuance of MC is solely at the sole discretion and professional judgment of the attending dentist, and it is usually for procedures such as extraction and surgery only. The clinics can however issue time in and out chits.

How do I find my polyclinic queue number online?

SingHealth Polyclinics (SHP)

  1. Login via SingPass.
  2. Choose the person you are registering for.
  3. Select & register today’s scheduled appointment(s).
  4. Answer a health Q&A.
  5. Once your mobile registration is successful, you will receive your queue number and assigned consult room.

How do I find my polyclinic queue number?

Keep track of and manage your medical appointments through the HealthHub App. Once you’ve secured your appointment using the ‘Make an Appointment’ tab, proceed to self-register* to get your queue number and monitor your queue status.

Can I go to polyclinic for Covid?

In light of the heightened vigilance related to the unfolding COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) situation, please note the following: All visitors and patients must go through temperature screening and registration before entry into our polyclinics. Only one accompanying person per patient is allowed at any one time.

How do I find my Polyclinic queue number?

How often should you scale and polish?

How often should I scale and polish my teeth? The most common answer will be once every 4-6 months, but this may not always be true. Many factors determine how often you should have your teeth cleaned, and the most crucial factor will be your oral health condition.