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How do I get a new UVic card?

How do I get a new UVic card?

If you need a replacement card, visit us at the ONECard office in the Jamie Cassels Building. All replacement cards are a $20 fee.

How do I check my balance on my UVic card?

To access your ONECard account, you’ll need to log in to online tools with your Netlink ID. This is the best way to add funds, check your account balance, view your transaction history and deactivate your card if it’s lost or stolen.

What is NetLink ID?

Your NetLink ID is your online identification at the University of Victoria. NetLink IDs can be used to access the computing services and applications which use the Sign in Service. Signing into UVic means you just need to enter your NetLink username and password once for most services on campus.

What GPA do you need to get into UVic?

In practice, however, most of the successful applicants offered admission have a higher GPA of at least a B+ average (a minimum 6.0/9.0 GPA), high Upper 2nd class standing, or equivalent.

Where can I get a laundry card at UVic?

Card-operated pay laundry machines are available throughout the residence and family housing complex. To use the laundry facilities, residents will need to purchase a SmartCard at the dispenser machine located in the Residence Services Main Office. SmartCards are $10 and can be registered at

How do I get a UVic NetLink ID?

Go to to sign up for a NetLink ID. When you sign up for a NetLink ID, you can also sign up for an email address and web space if you are current faculty, staff, or student. Applicants can apply for a NetLink ID but will have limited access to campus resources.

What is NetLink ID UVic?

A NetLink ID is your online identification at the University of Victoria. A primary NetLink ID is a unique personal identifier which is used as your username for various services provided by UVic. University Systems recommends that all UVic students, faculty, and staff register for a NetLink ID.

Is UVic or SFU better?

Maclean’s magazine has released its annual university rankings, with UVic ranked as Canada’s top comprehensive university, a distinction it shares with SFU this year.

What is UVic known for?

UVic is one of Canada’s leading universities. We are widely recognized for leadership in research, inspired teaching and community engagement. We provide innovative undergraduate and graduate programs and dynamic learning experiences in our diverse and welcoming West Coast setting.

Where can I find my NAIT student ID?

How do I get a NAIT student ID? Your NAIT ID will be sent to you in an email after you have completed and submitted your online application. You will need this unique ID to create a MyNAIT Portal account.