Is Microsoft Silverlight compatible with iPad?

Is Microsoft Silverlight compatible with iPad?

there is no Silveright for iOS. Microsoft as not developed it. whatever clams of it for iOS are not coming from Microsoft and the legitimacy of these claims are highly suspicious. silverlight is available for OS X here.

How do I run Silverlight on Safari?

Start Safari and go to Click on the install button, and save the file. When the download is complete, select it from the downloads list (an arrow icon to the right of the address bar). Double-click on the Silverlight.

How do I run a Silverlight program?

Opening Silverlight Content

  1. Open a Web browser and visit the Silverlight home page.
  2. Save the file to your computer, then open the location on your computer you saved the file and run it.
  3. Press “Continue” if a security warning appears asking for confirmation.
  4. Push “Install Now” to install Silverlight.

How do I get Silverlight on my Iphone?

Check Safari/Preferences/Security and check that Allow Plug-ins is checked. Then click Plug-in Settings and see if Silverlight is checked.

Can I use Silverlight on a Mac?

Compatibility. As of 2010, Microsoft Silverlight is compatible with Mac OS X. More specifically, the Microsoft Silverlight Web browser plugin is compatible with Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome, so you can use it with whichever browser you prefer.

How do I use Microsoft Silverlight on my Iphone?

Does dayforce use Silverlight?

Dayforce is migrating the code from Silverlight to HTML5 continuously with every release while still delivering new features.

How do I install Microsoft Silverlight?

Installing Microsoft Silverlight

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Click to Install button.
  3. Click Run to start the download.
  4. Approve any security prompts, then click Install Now.
  5. Restart browser to begin using Silverlight.

How do I add permissions to Microsoft Silverlight?

Choose Manage Add ons. If silverlight is not showing enabled. Select Silverlight by clicking it. Press the enable button towards bottom right.

What is Silverlight code?

Silverlight XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) is an interface markup language which has a visual file (MainPage. xaml) and a . NET code behind file (MainPage. xaml. cs) for logic.

How do I get Silverlight on my Mac?

On the Apple menu, select About this Mac….You do not have the plug-in installed

  1. Locate the “Install Silverlight” area in the lower-right part of the window.
  2. After the download is completed, installation should start automatically.
  3. After the installation is complete, you should be prompted to exit your browser.