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What Irish name means Brave?

What Irish name means Brave?

Irish king. This is an old Irish name that means “swiftness” or “nimbleness.” Daithi, the last Pagan king of Ireland who ruled from 405-426 AD, had 24 dons. This name comes from Fearghal, and means brave, courageous and valorous.

What girl name means warrior in Irish?

Baby Girl Names That Mean Warrior

Name Meaning
Keilee This name has a Gaelic, Irish origin. Keilee means ‘warrior, protector’. A similar-sounding name is Kayleigh of Scottish origin meaning ‘warrior.’
Kella It is a baby girl name from Ireland meaning ‘warrior’. This short name is perfect for a baby girl warrior.

What girl name means fearless and brave?

18 Baby Girl Names That Mean Fearless

Basilah Brave; Fearless Girl
Binsa A woman who is fearless. Girl
Conradina Fearless, bold, never afraid, undaunted, valiant Girl
Emine it means one who is fearless and courageous. Girl

What is the Gaelic name for warrior?

Cathal [cahal] signifies “a great warrior:” and is derived from cath, a battle, and all, great. Cathbhar [cah-war] signifies a “helmeted warrior:” from cathbhar, a helmet; but some derive it from cath, a battle, and barr, a chief….(a.) CHRISTIAN NAMES OF MEN.

The Name in Irish Anglicised
Tomoltach, Timothy, Thomas.

What is a name for a female warrior?

Strong Female Warrior Names Adira – This simple and lovely Hebrew name means “strong.” Ailith – A beautiful Old English option, this name means “warrior.” Alessia – This lovely Italian name means “defending warrior.” Aloisa – A German name for “renowned warrior.” This is a beautiful and classic choice.

What girl name means conqueror?

7 Baby Girl Names That Mean Conqueror

Nicki Conqueror of the people or crowd. Greek
Nikky The conqueror of the nation. Greek
Olcay Champion, conqueror, leader, victor. Turkish
Sigourney Victorious conqueror Old Norse

What name means warrior for a girl?

Kinley: A gender-neutral Gaelic name meaning ‘warrior’ or ‘daughter of the white warrior’. Louisa: A popular English, French, and German girl’s name meaning ‘warrior’ or ‘famous warrior’, Louisa also puts us in mind of the author of the fabulous novel, Little Women, Louisa May Alcott.

What is the name for a female warrior?

Bellatrix – This strong Latin name means “female warrior.”