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What is string parameter in C#?

What is string parameter in C#?

Parameters act as variables inside the method. They are specified after the method name, inside the parentheses. You can add as many parameters as you want, just separate them with a comma. The following example has a method that takes a string called fname as parameter.

What is $@ in C#?

It marks the string as a verbatim string literal. In C#, a verbatim string is created using a special symbol @. @ is known as a verbatim identifier. If a string contains @ as a prefix followed by double quotes, then compiler identifies that string as a verbatim string and compile that string.

How do you format a string in C#?

Format using C# String Format

  1. // Number formatting.
  2. int num = 302;
  3. string numStr = String.Format(“Number {0, 0:D5}”, num);
  4. Console.WriteLine(numStr);
  5. // Decimal formatting.
  6. decimal money = 99.95m;
  7. string moneyStr = String.Format(“Money {0, 0:C2}”, money);
  8. Console.WriteLine(moneyStr);

What does 0 mean in a string?

You are printing a formatted string. The {0} means to insert the first parameter following the format string; in this case the value associated with the key “rtf”. For String.Format, which is similar, if you had something like // Format string {0} {1} String.Format(“This {0}. The value is {1}.”, “is a test”, 42 )

Why do we use 0 in C#?

it’s a placeholder or “argument”. It means that in your example the variable text gets written where the {0} is placed in the preceding text.

What is params in C# with example?

By using the params keyword, you can specify a method parameter that takes a variable number of arguments. The parameter type must be a single-dimensional array. No additional parameters are permitted after the params keyword in a method declaration, and only one params keyword is permitted in a method declaration.

What does D do in C?

Format Specifiers in C

Specifier Used For
%d a decimal integer (assumes base 10)
%i a decimal integer (detects the base automatically)
%o an octal (base 8) integer
%x a hexadecimal (base 16) integer

What is N in C?

In C, all escape sequences consist of two or more characters, the first of which is the backslash, \ (called the “Escape character”); the remaining characters determine the interpretation of the escape sequence. For example, \n is an escape sequence that denotes a newline character.