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What is the difference between Meccano and Erector?

What is the difference between Meccano and Erector?

In 2000, Meccano bought the Erector brand and unified its presence on all continents. The two brands are now sold under the Meccano brand name, with the Erector Set being marketed as “Erector by Meccano”.

What happened to Meccano?

In 1985 General Mills left the toy business completely, selling off their toy divisions. Meccano was sold out to a French accountant, Marc Rebibo, and, once again, all existing Meccano sets were scrapped.

What age is junior Meccano for?

Meccano Junior, Rescue Fire Truck with Lights and Sounds STEAM Building Kit, for Kids Aged 5 and up.

What age are erector sets for?

Turns out they make a set for little kids. The package says ages 4-8, but Dads with seven-year-olds get angry about its limitations, and this Dad introduced his son to the kit at the age of three. It looks like three is the magic number here, as long as a Geekdad is willing to show his son or daughter how it’s done.

How do I update my Meccano?

Update your M.A.X. or Meccanoid to the latest version.

  1. Download the Robot Update software.
  2. Install the software on your computer.
  3. Locate the included USB cable.
  4. Connect USB cable to computer.
  5. Insert micro USB end into the port on the MeccaBrain™
  6. Open the software and follow the instructions.

How do I update Meccanoid?

Go to

  1. Download the Robot Update software listed under your operating system (Windows or MAC).
  2. Install the software and follow the prompts on your computer (click “continue” and “agree”).

What does a Erector Set do?

However, over the years, erector set has come to mean any toy with reusable pieces such as strips with regularly spaced holes, connecting parts, cogs, gears, pulleys, and tools. These sets are designed for children to build specific models or create their own.

What is Meccano Junior?

Meccano Junior Deluxe Buggy Vehicle793/1141 This STEM building kit is perfect for the first-time builder. With redesigned parts and tools, it’s easier than ever before for kids to assemble and re-assemble their own deluxe vehicle models with a pull-back motor! With Meccano, the building possibilities are endless.

What was the biggest Meccano set?

Engineering students from Queen’s University Belfast set the world record for biggest Meccano-based construction with their 100ft bridge crossing the River Lagan. They used 11,000 pieces of the lightweight metal, and around 70,000 nuts and bolts.