Can I cycle through mcdonalds drive through?

Can I cycle through mcdonalds drive through?

Sadly, if you don’t have a car, you won’t be able to use a drive-thru to order McDonald’s. This means you can’t cycle or walk through a drive-thru.

Can you walk through a Mcdonalds drive through UK?

Now that McDonald’s and other fast food places have had to stop all eating in and even some takeaways, your best bet for getting your hands on a Big Mac and fries is a drive-thru. Unless you can’t drive, of course, because you are very much not allowed to walk through a drive-thru.

What is the busiest Mcdonalds drive-thru in the UK?

It’s bad news if you live in Dorchester, as it’s one and only drive-thru in the DT – Dorchester postal area is in Weymouth and is set to experience somewhat of a ‘McFlurry’, with 123,909 vehicles that could turn up to its one drive-thru.

How many McDonald’s in UK with drive-thru?

Our data shows Glasgow and Manchester to be the cities with the most drive-thru restaurants, with 48 in total….

City Greater London
McDonald’s 3
Starbucks 4
Greggs 0
Costa 1

Why can’t bikes go through drive-thru?

Safety Concerns. A major reason why many businesses do not allow cyclists through their drive-through is out of concern for the safety of the cyclist.

How does mcdonalds drive-through work UK?

The 17-year-old explained that the orders are handed to the correct customer thanks to a handy camera. After an order is placed, a camera takes a snap of the car, linking it to the order. So the worker just has to match the picture with the car in front of them.

Where is the UK’s busiest Mcdonalds?

The DT (Dorchester) postcode has more than 123,909 vehicles and only one drive-thru McDonald’s. The prediction states that Weymouth’s drive-thru will be the busiest in the country, followed by Slough, Hereford, Guildford, SW London, Dumfries, N London and others.

Is there drive-thru in Europe?

In Europe, as the population is not as dependent on cars, drive-thrus exist, but they are not as popular as in America. Generally associated with fast food, drive-thrus are also used in other businesses, such as banks, pharmacies, liquor stores and even funerals.

What do British call McDonalds?

Besides devotion to soccer, one of the biggest global differences is how the British often refer to McDonald’s: “MacDonald’s,” “Maccies,” and “Maccy D’s” are common nicknames for the Golden Arches over there. Similarly, French customers refer to the company as “McDo” while Australians often call it “Macca’s.”

Can you cycle through a drive through?

On the subject of people on bikes using their drive-thru windows, the company’s website states: ‘The drive-thru facility is designed for motor vehicles and, on balance, we are concerned that use by cyclists could compromise their safety through: the necessarily close proximity with motor vehicles; the limited …