What is the DJI assistant for?

What is the DJI assistant for?

it’s used to update and refresh firmware. Hi, thanks for the inquiry. Usually, the DJI Assistant 2 can be used to update the firmware of your aircraft and calibrate the vision sensor. You may also refer to our video tutorial below for updating the firmware using the DJI Assistant 2.

What is DJI assistant for Mavic?

The DJI Assistant 2 software contains extra settings and utilities for all DJI equipment such as drones, gimbals and cameras. With the DJI Assistant 2 Mavic, you have options to upload flight data, black box information, calibrate your vision sensors and upgrade your firmware.

Is there a DJI desktop app?

The DJI GO application is available on Smartphone and iOS but not on a PC or Windows tablet.

What is DJI Assistant 2 autopilot?

DJI Assistant For Autopilot DJI Assistant 2 software will recognize the drone and update its firmware. This allows you to update the drone’s software to the most recent version. Customers can also download detailed flight logs to their computers. DJI Assistant 2 software has a flight viewer module.

What is DJI Assistant 2 simulator?

DJI Assistant 2 has a built-in drone simulator. When you connect a DJI drone to a computer, you can fly it on the computer screen. First, start DJI Assistant 2 on your computer. Next, connect the controller and the smartphone, and start the (DJI Fly) app. Insert a USB cable into the drone to connect to a computer.

How do I calibrate my Mavic Pro with DJI assistant?

Connect the Mavic Pro to your laptop computer using the USB cable. Switch on the Mavic quadcopter and open the DJI Assistant 2 software. The DJI Assistant software will recognize that the Mavic Pro is connected. Select your Mavic Pro drone and click on “Calibration” on the left hand side.

How high can the Mavic Pro fly?

16,404 feet
What is the Mavic Pro Max Altitude Or How High Can The Mavic Fly? The Mavic Pro has a max altitude (max service ceiling about sea level) of 16,404 feet (5000 meters).

How do I download DJI assistant on Mac?

Go to the download page on the official website to download the DJI Assistant 2 installation package for Mac (DMG format). 2. After the installation package is downloaded, double click the package to install it.

What is DJI Assistant 2 for Mavic mini?

DJI Assistant 2 is free maintenance software for Mavic series provided by DJI. Works with Windows PC or Mac. What you can do with this software depends on the model of the drone you are connecting. In the case of DJI Mavic Mini, three functions can be used: firmware update, retrieval of a log file for investigation (.