Why Renault Kwid is not good?

Why Renault Kwid is not good?

Poor Build Quality. It is hard to perceive the Kwid as a cheap built when it looks the way it does. The Kwid’s striking looks aren’t built upon such a strong foundation. The car’s low quality built means that it does handle collision well.

Is Renault Kwid a good buy?

While we may not have been too impressed with its highway manners, lack of storage spaces at the rear or the absence of a manual mode for the AMT models, it does make for a good city car thanks to its compact dimensions, light steering and fuel efficient petrol engines.

How much is Kwid monthly?

Instalments for the Renault Kwid generally range between R 2 499 and R 3 258 per month*based on Carter customer data.

How much does Kwid cost?


model installment total cost
Renault Kwid 1.0l expression 5-dr abs R2 599 R242 864
Renault Kwid 1.0l dynamique 5-dr abs R2 699 R257 023
Renault Kwid 1.0l dynamique AMT 5-dr abs R2 899 R271 181
Renault Kwid 1.0l climber 5-dr abs R2 899 R272 597

Is Renault Kwid safe?

Renault Kwid Electric Crash Test By Euro NCAP Euro NCAP has crash tested the Renault Kwid electric car, and given it a 1 star safety rating. The model that was tested weighed 970 kgs, and came with dual front airbags. It also got side head airbag and side chest airbag – for both the driver as well as front passenger.

How is Kwid performance?

Maintenance cost of kwid is very low, Approx 2500 per service. Performance of 800 cc varient is not good with ac. If you want to buy kwid go for 1 liter engine. Breaking of kwid is very poor.

Is Kwid good for beginners?

Steering wheel is very smooth and easy to handle. The AC is comparable with high end cars. The cons are braking, lower engine power and noisy engine. Braking is very bad….User Review on Renault Kwid [2015-2019] 1.0 RXT Opt [2016-2019]

4.0 Exterior 3.0 Comfort
3.0 Performance 4.0 Fuel Economy
3.0 Value for Money

How much is Kwid full tank?

28 Liters
The fuel tank capacity of Renault KWID is 28 Liters.

How many Litres is Renault KWID?

Key Specifications of Renault KWID 2015-2019

ARAI Mileage 25.17 kmpl
Boot Space (Litres) 300
Fuel Tank Capacity 28.0
Body Type Hatchback
Ground Clearance Unladen 180mm

Is Renault KWID a SUV?

The upcoming Renault Kwid SUV car will fill this void as it will be positioned and marketed as a micro-SUV. Currently, this small segment comprises of only two players – Mahindra & Mahindra and Maruti Suzuki….Renault Kwid SUV Car Specifications.

Engine Type/ Displacement 1.0 L SCe Petrol
Mileage 23.01 KMPL/24.04 KMPL