What is the best housing in UTSA?

What is the best housing in UTSA?

Top 10 Dorms at UT San Antonio

  • Chisholm Hall. The first great place that you can live is Chisholm Hall.
  • University Oaks. If you want a little more freedom, you can stay at University Oaks.
  • Alvarez Hall. Alverez hall is the newest hall on campus.
  • Honors Hall.
  • Chapperall Village.
  • Laurel Village.
  • The Luxx.
  • Horizon Hill.

Where do UTSA students live?

Choose from 6 On-Campus Residences UTSA owns and manages Alvarez Hall, Chaparral Village, Chisholm Hall, Guadalupe Hall and Laurel Village. Campus Living Villages, a global student housing operator, owns and manages University Oaks.

Is it required to live on campus at UTSA?

On-campus housing is not required for freshmen, but research shows that students living on-campus are: more satisfied with their living and college experience. earn higher grades.

Can you live off campus at UTSA?

For students considering living off-campus, there are a number of options available. Student Affairs maintains lists of off-campus apartment complexes near the Main and Downtown campuses, available at the links below.

Does UTSA have coed dorms?

Gender Inclusive Housing University Housing at The University of Texas at San Antonio welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions and is committed to providing an equitable and inclusive community for all residents. Please contact stude[email protected] to learn about all available housing options.

Can you pick your roommate at UTSA?

If you do not have a specific roommate request, we match you with roommates using your answers to the Profile questions and your housing preferences. There is no guarantee that roommates will get along no matter what criteria is used to match, including those that complete their own roommate pairings.

Is UTSA a dry campus?

The University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) is committed to having a campus that is free of the illegal or abusive use of drugs and alcohol.

How much does it cost to live on campus at UTSA?

Estimated 2022-2023 Cost of Attendance

Home with Parents On-Campus
Housing & Meals $4,212 $12,934
Books & Supplies $1,000 $1,000
Transportation $2,688 $696
Miscellaneous $1,476 $2,088

How much is a UTSA dorm?

Full Time Undergraduate Students

Full Time Fall/Spring Undergraduate Resident Student Living at Home w/Parents Living On Campus
Housing & Meals (average) $3,384 $11,234
Transportation (average) $2,160 $676
Personal/Miscellaneous $1,537 $2,077
Loan Fees $70 $70