Can A-10 gun destroy a tank?

Can A-10 gun destroy a tank?

‘As pretty much everyone else answering this question has pointed out… the A-10 can fairly easily destroy a tank. As can anything else slinging either an AGM-65 Maverick or an AGM-114 Hellfire.

How many tanks did the A-10 destroy?

By the time it ended, the Warthog would be credited with destroying more than 900 tanks, 2,000 military vehicles, and 1,200 artillery pieces. That the A-10 remains in service 29 years later is a testament to the platform’s reliability and effectiveness.

How many tanks did the A-10 destroy in Gulf War?

900 Iraqi tanks
Operation Desert Storm served as the A-10’s combat debut, and the aircraft performed remarkably well, destroying more than 900 Iraqi tanks and 2,000 additional military vehicles, along with 1,200 enemy artillery pieces. The A-10 proved so deadly that in a single day A-10 pilots successfully destroyed 23 Iraqi tanks.

Was the A-10 used in the Gulf War?

The A-10 served in the First Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm), the American–led intervention against Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, where the aircraft distinguished itself. The A-10 also participated in other conflicts such as in Grenada, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq, and against the Islamic State in the Middle East.

What weapon destroys a tank?

Anti-tank guns are guns designed to destroy armored vehicles from defensive positions. In order to penetrate vehicle armor, they fire smaller caliber shells from longer-barreled guns to achieve higher muzzle velocity than field artillery weapons, many of which are howitzers.

Can a fighter jet destroy a tank?

An F-35 fired StormBreaker will operate with an ability to kill tanks on the move from up to forty miles. The StormBreaker’s delayed fuze can bring additional penetrating effects designed to fire through an armored exterior and explode further into the vehicle, maximizing destruction.

How many confirmed kills Does the A-10 Warthog have?

In just forty days (the extent of the Persian Gulf War), the A-10 racked up an astonishing 987 kills against enemy tanks, 926 against enemy artillery pieces, 1,355 against other combat vehicles, 10 against enemy fighters on the ground, and two against airborne enemy helicopters.