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How to complete mercer safehouse?

How to complete mercer safehouse?

The quest automatically begins after completing the conversation with him at the end of Boston After Dark. To select a safehouse, create a save in the middle of this conversation, finish talking to him, then speak to P.A.M. who is now ready to give the Mercer Safehouse quest.

Who is the caretaker Fallout 4?

The Caretaker is a Railroad agent who will be assigned to Mercer Safehouse during the course of the Mercer Safehouse quest. He was at the Switchboard when it was attacked, and is traumatized by that event.

Where is Augusta safehouse fallout4?

Kendall Hospital
Travel to the dead drop, take the holotape from the marked container and listen to it to learn that the Augusta Safehouse is located at Kendall Hospital.

Who are the railroad Fallout 4?

The Railroad is a faction in Fallout 4 found within the Boston area of The Commonwealth. The Railroad is dedicated to freeing the Synths found within the Commonwealth. They hate the mysterious faction known as The Institute and work hard to find a way to destroy them.

Where is the hub 360 Dia cache?

The location of the DIA cache is in the upper levels of the Hub 360 building. It is located South of Goodneighbor, North of Mass Bay Medical Center and West of The Shamrock Taphouse. One way to get to the cache is heading to Mass Bay Medical Center, and from there head north.

How do you get Curie a human?

Simply travel to Goodneighbor and visit Doctor Amari at the Memory Den. She even has a Synth all ready with a body to donate for this quest. Proceed with the operation and come back after 24 hours. When you return, you’ll find the Synth’s caretaker and Curie.

How do you get to Kendall hospital?

To open the door at the white bottom of the area, near where the Deathclaw appears, you need to power up a circuit board nearby in the right corner of the room. Doing so will allow the door to be opened to the exit.