Is Dunlop Sport Maxx RT runflat?

Is Dunlop Sport Maxx RT runflat?

If you’re looking for a run flat tyre, then the Dunlop SP SportMaxx RT 2 has you covered there, too. Using innovative RunOnFlat technology, you can drive at up to 50km. h on a flat, reducing the risks associated with a motorway blow-out.

What does rt2 mean on Tyres?

The Dunlop SportMaxx RT 2 is a Max Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars. This tyre replaced the Dunlop SportMaxx RT.

Are Dunlop SP Sport Maxx run flat?

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT is the ultimate handling tyre and the ideal fit for specialist ultra high performance vehicles….Specifications.

Width? 225
Run-flat? Yes
Fuel Efficiency? No

Is RT run flat?

Our revolutionary RunOnFlat technology lets you drive at up to 50mph on a flat tyre.

Are Dunlop run flat tires?

” the Dunlop Sp Sport 5000 Dsst Ctt (dunlop Self-supporting Technology) Is A Ultra High Performance All Season Run Flat Tire. The Sp Sport 5000 Dsst Ctt Tire Offers Extended Mobility In The Event Of A Tire Puncture, Or Complete Tire Pressure Loose.

Does Dunlop make run flat Tyres?

Dunlop RunOnFlatâ„¢ tyres utilise technology that allows you to drive up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50mph* on a flat or punctured tyre.

How can I tell if my Dunlop Tyres are run flat?

How to Identify Run Flat Tyres. Dunlop RunOnFlatâ„¢ tyres are identifiable by the ‘RunOnFlat’ technology symbol on the sidewall of the tyre or ‘ROF’ text.

How do I know if my Dunlop Tyres are run flat?

Dunlop signify that a particular model is a Run Flat tyre by printing DSST or Run on Flat on the sidewall of the tyre. To find out whether the tyres you currently have fitted to your vehicle are Run Flat tyres, check to see if either of these symbols are present on the tyre’s sidewall.