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Does Tudor watch hold value?

Does Tudor watch hold value?

Whilst Tudor models like the Heritage Black Bay, the Black Bay Fifty-Eight, and the GMT prove to be three that hold their value very well, there are several vintage Tudor watches that are worth more now than they were when originally released.

Do Tudor watches increase in value?

In the last decade, the prices for vintage Tudor watches have actually proven to increase quite a lot. And this is an example where a Tudor watch can actually prove to be a great placement of funds. In fact, in the recent decade, there are several vintage Tudor models which have more than doubled in value.

Are Tudors good watches?

When compared to other watch manufacturers in the same market, it is evident that Tudor offers excellent value for money. When you buy a Tudor watch, you are guaranteed to have a well-finished, high-quality timepiece.

Why is Black Bay called 58?

That 1958 watch was the revered “Big Crown” Ref. 7924, known for its 8 mm crown without crown guards. It is for this reason that the entire collection is known as Black Bay Fifty-Eight (hence ’58). The innovative 1958 model’s case was made thicker, while its screw-down crown became larger.

Do Tudor watches appreciate?

In fact, it is well known that some timepieces actually appreciate in value and can prove to be exceptionally good investments. Tudor is just one watch brand that enjoys this luxury.

Is Tudor just a cheaper Rolex?

There’s a common misconception that Tudor is some kind of cut-price Rolex cover band. While the brand is substantially cheaper, its ties to Rolex are more than skin deep. It was founded in 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf, and that name may be familiar to you; that’s because Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex some 41 years earlier.

How accurate are Tudor watches?

Tudor boasts that their timepieces are 40% more accurate than the minimum accuracy necessary for the certification, which is true. The company has a +4/-2 accuracy against the set standard of +6/-4 seconds variation per day. You should note that the COSC standard accuracy results in watches having a 99.994% precision.

Is Tudor respected?

So are Tudor watches any good? The answer is: absolutely. In its segment, Tudor watches are among the best. It’s difficult to speak about quality, but once you try on a Tudor watch, you will understand what so many people mean.