How do I declare Honours in NUS Fass?

How do I declare Honours in NUS Fass?

To graduate with a BA (Hons) or BSocSci (Hons) degree, FASS students must have declared honours track* and accumulated a minimum of 160 Modular Credits (MCs) and achieved a Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of at least 3.20.

Can you change major in NUS?

USP students can apply to change their course of study up to the end of their second year. The application will be subject to the review and approval of the Admissions Selection Committee in NUS, and the relevant faculties or schools involved. Please click here for more information of the application process.

How do you declare second major NUS?

Students can be admitted to Double Major Programmes at the point of admission to NUS, or by applying to the relevant Faculties/Schools no later than the end of the fifth semester of study. For a list of Double Major Programmes available at the point of admission, please refer to the website of the Office of Admissions.

Does NUS Fass still exist?

Starting in academic year 2021/2022, there will no longer be undergraduate students who are solely part of FASS or FOS; instead, they will all be under CHS.

How many MCs is Honours thesis?

110 MCs
To qualify for Honours Track, students must have 1. Completed at least 110 MCs, including 44 MCs of major requirements, AND 2. Have a minimum CAP of 3.20. To qualify for Honours Track, students must have 1.

What is an Honours thesis?

An honours thesis is a 50-60 page research paper based on two terms worth of research on a topic that is broader or more complex than can normally be handled in a term paper for a course.

Can you drop a double Major NUS?

A student will be issued a warning if he/she does not meet the continuation requirements in a semester, and will be required to withdraw from the DDP by withdrawing from the second degree programme if he/she does not meet the continuation requirements for any two consecutive semesters.

How do I drop a minor NUS?

Click the + button to add a new Specialisation, Track, 2nd Major or Minor. Click the ‐ button to delete/drop a specialisation, track, 2nd Major or Minor. Click the magnifying glass to change Major, Specialisation, Tracks, 2nd Major or Minor.

Is Second major same as double major?

What is the difference between the double major and second major? For the double major programme, the weightage of both majors is equal. There is also the opportunity to do an interdisciplinary FYP during your final year. Both majors will be reflected in the same degree certificate.

How do you double major?

Declare a double major

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements. To declare a double major, you must plan to:
  2. Obtain and complete a Double Major Petition. Complete a Double Major Petition (PDF).
  3. Submit the petition.
  4. Check the status of your petition.

How many minors can you take in NTU?

one minor course
Ans: Students will only be allowed to take up one minor course during the special terms. Allocation of minor courses is subjected to computer balloting and availability of vacancies.

How many minors can you take NUS?

At least 12 MCs for any Minor must be taken from outside the entire set of modules that are listed for the major(s)/another minor that the student is taking/has taken….Minor Programmes.

Minor Host Faculty/Department Type (see ‘Note’ below)
Malay Studies Department of Malay Studies Open
Philosophy Department of Philosophy Open