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How much does an 85 hp Johnson weight?

How much does an 85 hp Johnson weight?

A 20-inch shaft 1976 Johnson 85 weighs about 300 pounds, maybe a bit less if it does not have power tilt and trim.

Is a Johnson 88 a good motor?

ONE of the best engines they made as far a depedability in many peoples eyes. It is a V-4 X-flow. It is nothing more than a 90HP without oil injection and would be a late 80’s engine. It can be made to have a lot more power very easily than the inline merc you traded for.

How much does a 75hp 2 stroke Mercury outboard weight?

Mercury 75 HP Twostroke

Propshaft Rated Horsepower 75hp (56kw)
Weight 137kg
Shaft Length 20″ (L)
Propeller Drive Flo-Torq II
Prop Selection (Pitch) 9″ – 28″

How many HP is a Johnson 88?

Johnson’s 1981 88 SPL produces an 88-horsepower output.

Is Evinrude 88 SPL a good motor?

The 88s are the same as the 90 hp engines, except without oil injection. You have to pre-mix gas and oil at 50:1. These engines have a reputation as highly reliable, but thirsty for fuel. I have found both to be true.

Is the Evinrude 85 hp outboard motor any good?

This is a very clean and mechanically sound Evinrude 85 hp outboard boat motor. This engine is by far one of the cleanest and powerful Evinrudes we have seen. This motor has an electric start, charging system, power tilt, and all the controls and wiring harness included.

When did the Johnson 85 hp motor come out in Florida?

It was delivered new in Ohio and made Florida its home around 1980. Lovingly maintained by just a few owners. It comes with its ORIGINAL BILL OF SALE and ORIGINAL 1970 Johnson 85hp motor! The ID number on the engine plate matches the number on the bill of sale.

How much power does a Johnson V-4 motor have?

This is the V-4 model which is the same power head as most Johnson/Evinrude, 80 hp, 85 hp, 88 hp, 90 hp, 112 hp, 115, hp and 140 hp 4 cylinder engines made from the 70’s through the 1990’s. Parts are very easy to find and inexpensive since these are some of the most popular motors around.

What kind of engines does Johnson Motor Company make?

With 2-stroke and 4-stroke gasoline engines as well as electric trolling motors existing in their product portfolio, Johnson was associated in the construction of boat motors throughout the 20th century.