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Is Noel Kahn A?

Is Noel Kahn A?

Fitz. The girls had been sure Noel was “A,” but when “A” takes credit for Noel’s suspension, the girls are no longer so sure that Noel is “A.” Noel is seen among the Rosewood residents crowded outside the church after it is reported that Ian has been killed.

Who ran over Hanna in Season 1?

“You can’t do what she’s done — I mean, Mona hit Hanna with her car — and not be unhinged,” King continues. “There’s a moment in the finale when she’s in the car, and Spencer says, ‘But you hit Hanna with a car. ‘ And Mona says, ‘It’s easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend.

Did Hanna know Mona was a?

At this moment, Hanna had just found out Mona was “A”, so Mona must have felt like she had no other option but to get rid of her BFF. Luckily, this hit-and-run didn’t kill Hanna, but of course, it did erase any memory of Mona being “A”.

What episode does Hannah run over?

Hit and Run, Run, Run

“Hit and Run, Run, Run”
Pretty Little Liars episode
Episode no. Season 7 Episode 4
Directed by Michael Goi
Written by Maya Goldsmith