What is the weather climate in the Great Barrier Reef?

What is the weather climate in the Great Barrier Reef?

Temperatures are pretty steady throughout the year, with an average maximum of 30°C and minimum of 21°C. Though this can rise much higher in the warmer months. This tropical climate makes the Great Barrier Reef party to plenty of rain throughout the year, with an average of 2010mm falling during the year.

What is the weather in coral reefs?

The coral reef biome climate is tropical. Coral reef temperatures in the wild range from 68 to 97°F (20 to 36°C). The warm, shallow water is essential for photosynthesis of the zooxanthellae algae. Deep-sea corals are capable of living in temperatures as low as 30.2°F (-1°C).

How does weather affect the Great Barrier Reef?

Summer is always a period of heightened risk for the Great Barrier Reef. Warmer conditions bring the threat of high sea temperatures that can cause coral bleaching and wet seasons with strong monsoonal conditions can result in large flood plumes and damaging cyclones.

Can you go to the Great Barrier Reef from Whitsundays?

Yes! The 74 tropical islands of the Whitsundays are located within the heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park!

How cold is the Great Barrier Reef?

The water is always pleasant with ocean temperatures ranging from 23 degrees Celsius in Winter and 29 degrees Celsius in summer.

What is the water temperature for the Great Barrier Reef?

September – November | Average water temperature 27°C (80°F) The water temperature is usually warm enough to dive without a wetsuit if you wish. The best place to be is in the water, spending balmy evenings on the Great Barrier Reef and watching the sunset. This is also coral spawning season.

Can you visit the Great Barrier Reef in winter?

Winter at the Great Barrier Reef Water temperatures are cooler but the sunshine and lack of rain are perfect for sightseeing and enjoying a tropical vacation. Winter is the most windy time of year on the Great Barrier Reef, and some visitors may need to take sea sickness medication before jumping aboard.