What does Mamimi represent in FLCL?

What does Mamimi represent in FLCL?

For Mamimi, he represents her perfect representation of Tasuku, someone who will always be there for her and to protect her like a god or a guardian.

What is Fooly Cooly quote?

“Fooly Cooly” (フリクリ) [1.1]Edit. Naota Nandaba: Nothing amazing happens here. (recurring quote) Everything is ordinary.

How old is Mamimi in FLCL?

17-year old
Mamimi Samejima (サメジマ・マミ美, Samejima Mamimi) is a 17-year old truant high school student with a quixotical grip on reality who carries a camera and smokes more of the time, hinted to have been bullied at her school and apparently from a broken family as her parents are mentioned are separated or are out of her life.

Does Naota like Mamimi?

Naota Nandaba When he finally realizes that Mamimi will never return his feelings, their relationship comes to a messy end. It is revealed that Mamimi, unable to return Naota’s feelings despite having a genuine affection for him, leaves Mabase to become a professional photographer but they remain friends.

Does Haruko love Naota?

At the beginning of the series, Naota appears to be bothered by Haruko’s presence. Over the course of the series, he realizes his own feelings and admits that he loves her, along with embracing her with a kiss, in the final episode.

What is wrong with Mamimi?

Mamimi can be seen as lacking control over her life or willpower, hence the near-constant smoking and child-like reliance on others, whether it’s Naota or his brother, Tasuku. In fact, Mamimi can be exceedingly destructive – although only when nobody is watching.

How old is Haruko Haruhara?

Haruko Haruhara is an energetic, spontaneous girl. She has light-pinkish hair and is an investigator for the Galactic Space Police Brotherhood. She claims to be 19 years old, but it is impossible to know if that is true….How tall is Haruko?

Haruko Akagi
Age 16
Height 156cm (5’1″½)
Weight 42kg (93 lbs)

Does Haruko like Naoto?