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Where is Adecco USA headquarters?

Where is Adecco USA headquarters?

Jacksonville, Florida
Adecco Staffing, USA

Type Corporation
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida
Area served United States
Key people (President)
Services Employment agencies, recruitments, human resource consulting and outsourcing

How do I contact Adecco?

You are required to notify the Adecco office of your availability for work by contacting your local office at least once per week. Once you have notified Adecco of your availability, we will contact you if we have an assignment that matches your skills, experience and qualifications.

What does Adecco specialize in?

A digital staffing service, delivering jobs on demand in hospitality and catering, promotions and events as well as retail. A global recruitment specialist, offering interim and permanent placements for senior management and executive roles.

How do I get my w2 from Adecco?

Oh, and your pay stub? You can get that electronically, too.

  1. Online: Log onto to review paystubs, W2s, and update contact information.
  2. Text: Message the last 4 digits of your SSN + 5-digit zip code to 904.323.3430 for basic payment information.

What are the different types of recruitment agencies?

Recruitment agencies: The 5 types of recruiters

  • Retained recruitment firms.
  • Contingency search firms.
  • Staffing agency recruiter.
  • RPO companies.
  • Internal recruiter.
  • Recruiting the right way.

Is Adecco nationwide?

When you’ve completed your military career, you can work with Adecco from almost anywhere because of our nationwide footprint.

Who is the Adecco Group CEO?

Alain Dehaze (Sep 1, 2015–)The Adecco Group / CEO

Does Adecco rehire?

Your performance is a reflection of the company’s reputation. Adecco can rehire but you are not permitted to work at certain clients. Yes, after a while. As attendance improves, you can get more work.