Can you troll for tiger muskie?

Can you troll for tiger muskie?

During the fall, Maina’s average trolling speed is 3.5 mph- he’ll slow down in dingier water. Pay close attention to the trolling speed as muskies can be patterned based on the speed of the lure.

What is the best trolling speed for muskie?

The optimal trolling speed for muskies is around 3 to 4 mph usually. Now there will always be examples and times where they want it real slow, and really fast; but this is the norm. Considering this trip it was in the 55-65 degree range, we trolled around the 3 mph range and that worked out well.

Where can I catch tiger muskie in Idaho?

In the Southwest part of Idaho the best place to find Tiger muskies is Dog Creek Reservoir near Gooding or Carey Lake. Tiger muskie were recently stocked in Little Payette Lake to control nongame fish.

What is the best bait for tiger muskie?

Suckers, pikeminnows and other fish make up the bulk of tiger muskies’ diet, and minnow-imitating lures typically work best. Floating and diving crankbaits measuring 8 to 10 inches are common, with some anglers using lures up to 12 inches long. Extra-large spinners, spoons and bucktails can also be effective.

Can Tiger Muskies stay in Idaho?

A new, unique and toothy fishing opportunity awaits anglers in Southwest Idaho. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has stocked sterile tiger muskies in Lake Lowell and Black Canyon Reservoir for the first time ever. Tiger muskies are a sterile hybrid of true muskellunge (muskies) and northern pike.

What is the best time to fish for muskie?

Muskie become more difficult to catch in the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Like many predatory fish, muskie are most active at dawn and dusk, and these times typically provide the most action, especially on warm, sunny days. Cool, overcast days are usually best for muskie fishing.

How do you target tiger muskie?

Here are some tips for catching tiger muskies ice fishing:

  1. Tip-ups or heavy rods. Many anglers like using a tip-up, which allows a muskie to run after grabbing the bait.
  2. Steel leaders. A good practice for fishing for tiger muskies is to utilize a wire leader connected to your lure.
  3. Lures.
  4. Cut bait.
  5. Other ideas for success.

Is Tiger muskie good eating?

It’s simply too hard to replace adult muskie! But in places where they’ve been introduced, you’re actually helping out by keeping them. In this case, as long as you’re aware of the mercury contamination guidelines, eating muskie is perfectly fine. You’ll soon discover that muskie are a fine addition to your table!