How do I find my routing number Affinity Plus app?

How do I find my routing number Affinity Plus app?

To set up payroll direct deposit with your employer, you’ll need our Routing Number (296076301) and your Account Number. To get your account number, log in to digital banking (either the mobile app or online banking), and pull up the Account Details for the account you want to deposit to.

Where can I find my Affinity Plus account number?

Where do I find my account/member number? Your account/member number is located on the top right portion of your eStatement which can be found under the Member Services tab in online banking or the More icon in the mobile app.

How do I transfer money from Affinity Plus?

To add another member to transfer to:

  1. Request (or have handy) the Share/Loan ID of their account you’ll be transferring to.
  2. Go to Move Money. Select the option to add a member. Mobile banking app – Tap the “Add a Member” (with the plus “+” sign) option on the Move Money screen.
  3. Enter the member’s information.

What is Affinity Plus Mobile Banking?

Overview (Mobile) In a high-level tour of the Affinity Plus mobile banking app, find out where you tap to deposit checks, add external accounts, make loan payments, and more.

Does Affinity Plus have mobile deposit?

Travel-Size Access. Deposit checks from anywhere, make quick transfers, check your balance and more with the Affinity Plus mobile banking app (rated 4.8 in both App Store and Google Play).

What is an affinity account?

Affinity offers two checking accounts, Affinity Cash Back Debit and MoreChecking. No matter which checking account you choose, you’ll always have convenient access to your money and great benefits.

What is a transaction account in banking?

A transaction account is an account that you use on a day to day basis which your wage and other payments can be paid into. Your transaction account is also used to pay for bills, shopping and other everyday purchases using a linked Visa card. Transaction accounts do not earn interest on the balances.

Can I transfer money from Affinity Plus to another bank?

Transfers to Other Members & External Accounts (Online) Easily transfer to other Affinity Plus members, and back and forth between your own accounts here and at other financial institutions.

What is external transfer account?

An external transfer is a way to move money electronically between an account you have with one financial institution and an account in another bank. You can use external transfers to move money between accounts, to pay friends and family, or (with caution) to pay bills.