Who was in the TurboTax Super Bowl commercial?

Who was in the TurboTax Super Bowl commercial?

actor Jason Sudeikis
Gravity, Iowa, population 154, gets a starring role opposite comedian and actor Jason Sudeikis during a commercial for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Who was the guy in the Super Bowl commercial?

Jim Carrey returns as The Cable Guy in Verizon Super Bowl commercial.

What Super Bowl commercial was Jason Sudeikis in?

GRAVITY, Iowa — Gravity, Iowa’s 154 residents got a share of the Super Bowl spotlight Sunday night with a shout-out from Jason Sudeikis in a TurboTax commercial.

Who is the Turbotax guitarist?

Eric Donald Johnson (born June 7, 1976) is an American singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist….

Eric D. Johnson
Genres Folk rock, alternative country, indie rock
Years active 1997–present

Who is Ana The tax expert?

Ana Flores is the founder and CEO of #WeAllGrow LATINA, a digital and IRL community of impactful Latina creators, makers, and entrepreneurs who support and uplift each other.

Who are the guys in the planters commercial?

The Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts commercial — aptly titled “Feed the Debate” — starts with actors Joel McHale and Ken Jeong sitting at a bar, leading to Jeong criticizing the way McHale handles his nuts (sorry, phrasing).

What did Jason Sudeikis study in college?

He began performing improvisational comedy at ComedySportz (now called Comedy City) in Kansas City. Sudeikis moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he studied at the Annoyance Theatre and ImprovOlympic, and was one of the founding members of the long-form team, J.T.S.

What is shredding in guitar playing?

Shred guitar or shredding is a virtuoso lead guitar solo playing style for the guitar, based on various advanced and complex playing techniques, particularly rapid passages and advanced performance effects.

Who is the actor in the Intuit QuickBooks commercial?

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