What happens if Leliana becomes divine?

What happens if Leliana becomes divine?

If Leliana becomes Divine, she has two different outcomes depending on player choice and whether her personality became “hardened” during her side quests, which will decide whether she is a compassionate Divine or a ruthless one.

Should I let Cassandra and Leliana leave?

There is no war table operation to support Leliana’s candidacy, so leave the operations to support Vivienne or Cassandra open/uncompleted until the endgame. Your choices with Leliana in her personal quest and throughout the game will change her demeanor in the epilogue.

Who becomes the next Divine Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Vivienne appointed Divine One month after the defeat of Corypheus, the Chantry shocks the world by naming Vivienne as successor to the Sunburst Throne. Given the name Divine Victoria, she is the first mage to hold the position – and the uproar is immediate.

What happens if the inquisitor drinks from the well?

The Well of Sorrows knows the secret greeting from those Fen’Harel trusted. If the Inquisitor drank from the well, they can use it in a conversation with elven spirits in a refuge created by him to pass safely.

What does softening Leliana do?

Softened refers to optional personality changes for Leliana in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The change affects future character dialogue, the overall attitude of the character, and Leliana’s methods of dealing with opposition as the Divine, if elected.

Does Dragon Age: Inquisition have multiple endings?

There are “a few completely unique endings” with variations. Dragon Age: Inquisition having “40 major endings with variations” sounded a little excessive when producer Cameron Lee mentioned it last week.

When should I do what pride had wrought?

It is advisable to complete either the quest Before the Dawn or Under Her Skin first, as they will become unavailable afterwards. The quest to complete depends on whether you sided with the mages or the templars, respectively.

What happens if Leliana is hardened?

In the game, Leliana is hardened by default regardless of whether or not she was hardened in Dragon Age Origins. As hardened, she will kill those she believes guilty of betrayal and question herself when she shows weakness.

Should I harden or soften Leliana?

A softened Leliana will tell the player that she has realized she can become more than what Justinia molded her into, calling the feeling akin to being “reborn.” On the other hand, a hardened Leliana will decide that the Inquisition needs her skills exactly the way Justinia made them and that her ruthlessness is …