What should I say to my sister on her 17th birthday?

What should I say to my sister on her 17th birthday?

Happy sweet 17th birthday to you, my beautiful dear! On this very special birthday of yours, I’m hoping that all of your dreams may come true. You’re the sweetest girl who deserves all the goodness that life has to offer. Today I am wishing the coolest seventeen-year-old I know the happiest of birthdays!

How do I wish my 17th birthday girl?

Happy 17th birthday.

  1. My sweet daughter, I love you more than life itself. May your 17th birthday fill you with inspiration for another wonderful year.
  2. Last year you were “sweet 16,” and next year you’ll be grown.
  3. These 17 years I’ve had with you are the best I’ve ever known. Best wishes to my lovely daughter.

What do you write in a birthday card for a 17 year old?

Happy birthday to the smartest, funniest, sweetest, most adorable 17 year old in the world! I hope we are still friends! I hope your 17th birthday will be unforgettable like you, my friend. I wish you all the best now and in the years to come.

What is 17th birthday called?

Do you like to wonder why the 17th birthday is often called ‘sweet seventeen’? This age is unique, and many are willing to hold a massive party to celebrate their 17th birthday.

How do you say Happy birthday to your elder sister?

Best Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister

  1. I am so blessed to have such an incredible elder sister.
  2. Today I have the pleasure of watching my dear elder sister turn another year older!
  3. I never could’ve had a better elder sister.
  4. Happy birthday to the wisest person I know: my beautiful elder sister!

What is the 17th birthday called?

Is 17 a big birthday?

Turning seventeen is more often than not downplayed when it comes to teenage birthday celebrations. Granted that this age is nestled between two big milestone birthdays, a sweet sixteen and an eighteenth birthday. However, it still rightfully deserves a proper birthday extravaganza.

Why do girls celebrate Sweet 17?

Welcome to Adulthood! Age 17 means you are in your last year of adolescence. You have begun to be allowed to do many things previously forbidden in your teens at this age. Make your own passport (without parental permission), for example, or participate in elections and donate blood.

What is a Sweet 17?

Noun. sweet seventeen (plural sweet seventeens) (US, colloquial) A girl’s seventeenth birthday, or seventeenth-birthday party. It is often used to mitigate a failed sweet sixteen birthday.