What size is 44 in mackage coat?

What size is 44 in mackage coat?

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M 38
L 40
XL 42
XXL 44

Are mackage coats true to size?

Definitively runs a little small, but if you know your size with Mackage, you shouldn’t have a problem. Thank you Amazon!

What size is 38 in mackage?


6.5 36.6 23.2
7 37 23.5
7.5 37.5 24.1
8 38 24.4

Do mackage coats fit small?

How does Mackage Sizing Run? Mackage tends to run smaller than other brands. I sized up to a medium in Mackage.

Where are mackage jackets made?

Mackage jackets are manufactured in eastern Europe, China, and Canada. Each item is then tested for durability in its laboratory in Canada.

What size is moncler size 3?

Outerwear Size Chart

Moncler Size US Height
1 S 69 inch 176 cm
2 M 70 inch 178 cm
3 L 71 inch 180 cm
4 XL 72 inch 182 cm

How do I know my coat size?

Start from the top of your shoulder and measure down to find your ideal length. Place your measuring tape at the top of your shoulder and extend it down the front of your chest. Stop measuring wherever you would like the jacket to end. Jacket length varies based on height and the style of the jacket.

How do I return something to mackage?


  1. To request a return, please contact us at RETURNS@MACKAGE.COM.
  2. Customer service will confirm your return and provide a pre-paid shipping label.
  3. Print (2) copies of the label, attach one outside the box and include one inside the box.

Is Makage a good brand?

Mackage collections combine the finest leathers, down, and wool with tailored silhouettes and precision detail. They are a testament to the brand’s cornerstones of innovation, design and an unwavering commitment to outstanding quality: a philosophy that has fundamentally changed the outerwear game.

What is a size 4 in jackets?

Women’s Coats & Jackets Size Guide

UK Size Bust Waist
Inches Inches
4 31 24
6 32 25
8 33 26