What time is the London Marathon 2020?

What time is the London Marathon 2020?

2020 London Marathon

40th London Marathon
Venue London, England
Date 4 October 2020
Men Shura Kitata (02:05:41)

What time does the London mini marathon start 2021?

8.30 am
The London Marathon start times for 2021 are: 12 am – Virtual Virgin Money London Marathon (participants must complete the 26.2 miles by 11.59 pm while tracked by their app) 8.30 am – Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon. 8.50 am – Elite wheelchair race.

What time do marathons usually start?

The New Normal A 7 a.m. start time for a big-city marathon has been relatively common for the last decade, and the Disney World Marathon pushes that limit even further with its 5:30 a.m. start.

What is a good time for the London Marathon?

Further information on qualifying through the virtual 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon is available below….Virtual 2021 Virgin Money London Marathon.

Age Men Women
18-39 sub 01:23:37 sub 01:44:23
40-44 sub 01:26:00 sub 01:46:47
45-49 sub 01:28:09 sub 01:48:13
50-54 sub 01:30:32 sub 01:51:34

Is London Marathon ahead October 2021?

When is the 2021 London Marathon? The official London Marathon is taking place today, Sunday, October 3. The virtual marathon will take place on the same day. For the second year in a row, the race has been moved from its traditional April date.

What are the chances of getting into the London Marathon?

The London Marathon ballot Every year a new record number apply, with 457,861 entering the ballot for the 2020 London Marathon. The ballot is completely random, and around 17,000 people get in, so give it a go and don’t just assume you won’t be chosen.

Is the wheelchair marathon 26 miles?

The length of a wheelchair marathon is the same as that of any marathon, which is 26.2-miles or 42.195-kilometres. A marathon race is this length because of a fabled run told in Greek mythology.

What time does mini marathon start?

On race day, runners line up at 6:45 a.m., and the race begins at 8 a.m. with more experienced runners starting first. The Mini has different corrals — areas sectioned off at the starting line where runners are grouped according to their expected finishing times. The race ends at noon.