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Is the Rode NT1 better than the Rode NT1-A?

Is the Rode NT1 better than the Rode NT1-A?

Pound for pound, the NT1 is objectively the better microphone. It might not be able to handle the same SPL levels as the NT1A, but 132dB SPL is still way more than you’ll ever need, and with a more natural, transparent response, and lower self-noise, the NT1 is a better option for most studio applications.

Which mic is better than Rode NT1-A?

The AKG p220 and Rode nt1a are both quality condenser microphones at this price point. If you are looking to use the microphone primarily for vocals, then the Rode nt1a is the better option, however, if you are looking to use it to record acoustic guitars or guitar amps the AKGp220 performs slightly better.

Is Rode NT-USB good for recording music?

Recording Music: The Rode NT-USB has all the features you need to make a really good quality recording of any vocal track or acoustic instrument. The pop filter can easily be moved in front of the microphone to eliminate explosive ‘s’ and ‘p’ sounds while laying down vocals.

Is the Rode NT1-A a USB mic?

Rode NT1-A Overview The Rode NT1-A Microphone/USB Preamp Bundle is a B&H Kit perfect for the desktop podcaster or singer/songwriter. The Rode side addressed condenser microphone connects to a computer using the Senal XU-1648 XLR-to-USB adapter, which also supplies phantom power.

Is the Rode NT1-A worth it?

Summary: Excellent all-around condenser mic. Perfect to get a crisp, pristine sound when recording acoustic guitars. Great for recording vocals too, but might be incompatible with voices that are either extra bassy or high-pitched.

Is Rode NT USB worth it?

Rode NT-USB is one of the best USB mics that beats anything in the under $200 range. It brings exceptional for USB quality without the need for special drivers or any additional 3rd party equipment. Neither is it overly expensive as it offers a solid and durable build, not skimping on quality components.

Is the Rode NT worth it?