Who is Kaworu Nagisa in love with?

Who is Kaworu Nagisa in love with?

Shinji refuses, realizing he needs to grow up, and Kaworu wills himself out of existence. This leads to Asuka and Shinji realizing their feelings for one another. Near the ending Kaworu, in fact, seems very happy for them and refers to Asuka as “your girlfriend” to Shinji.

Did Kaji and Shinji kiss?

Shinji reminds him that he’s a boy and in response Kaji says “No problem. Gender shouldn’t get in the way of love,” places his hand on Shinji’s, gets close to his face, and tries (or pretends to) to kiss him and Shinji blushes, letting out an almighty squeal.

Is Kaworu straight?

Kaworu and Shinji do not have a canon romantic relationship, but it’s pretty damn clear what they intended for the audience to see.

Does Shinji and Kaworu kiss?

Does Shinji and Kaworu kiss? Misato received a call, and tries to call Shinji, who is hyperventilating while sleeping. Kaworu takes the chance and “kisses” Shinji through CPR, who wakes up and pushes Kaworu for doing that.

Does Kaworu kiss Shinji?

Kaworu’s face slides toward Shinji’s. Kaworu gives Shinji a kiss. Shinji doesn’t refuse him, he notices how naturally he accepts it. Feeling strangely calm, he looks up at the ceiling light.

Who did Shinji end up with?

Throughout the majority of the manga, Shinji appears to be attracted to Rei Ayanami, and their relationship is far more developed than in the anime. After the battle against Ramiel, Shinji offers support to an injured Rei to walk to the rescue team, in a similar way it is implied at the end of Evangelion 1.0.

Who does Shinji kiss?

Asuka compliments Shinji on his cello skills, clapping and telling him she is impressed. Shinji and Asuka kiss, though Asuka pretends it is only out of boredom. We learn in Episode 22 she was trying to reach out to Shinji for support.

Who did Shinji kiss?

It’s worth noting that, during a discussion between the two pilots, Asuka gets Shinji to admit he tried to kiss her, giving her a confirmation of his interest. “You’re just a child yourself.” Asuka, alone. Asuka pretends to be fine, leaving Shinji alone in the living room.

Does Shinji end up with Kaworu?

Their relationship is left open-ended in the final movie, so that there exists a possibility that (as always) they can “meet again”. Asuka and Shinji admit that they had feelings for each other at one point in the past.