How do I contact Ralph Lauren?

How do I contact Ralph Lauren?

Contact Us

  1. PRESS INQUIRIES. [email protected].
  2. INVESTOR RELATIONS. [email protected]. 212-318-7000.
  3. CUSTOMER SERVICE. [email protected].

Where is Ralph Lauren head office?

New York, NYRalph Lauren Corporation / Headquarters

Who is Ralph Lauren target market?

Founded in 1967, Ralph Lauren once had a clear and distinct target market: the Ivy Leaguers, athletes, influential business men and ladies of leisure. The brand achieved this by making itself synonymous with the ‘good life’ enjoyed by members of an elite high society.

How does Ralph Lauren promote?

Its primary medium for advertising is print and ads are placed in lifestyle and fashion magazines. The company has launched promotion campaigns via advertisements on television, organising special events and direct-to-consumer marketing.

How do I email Ralph Lauren?

[email protected] Lauren Corporation / Customer service email

Who is the CEO of Ralph Lauren?

Patrice Louvet (Jul 17, 2017–)Ralph Lauren Corporation / CEO

Who is Ralph Lauren transfer agent?

Computershare is Ralph Lauren Corporation’s transfer agent. Correspondence should be mailed to P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233. Overnight correspondence should be sent to 462 South 4th Street, Suite 1600, Louisville, KY 40202. The telephone number for investor services is (877) 205-0962.

What is Ralph Lauren Collection?

Ralph Lauren Collection is the brand’s most glamorous vision of timelessness. Designed with the modern and elegant woman in mind, embrace your inner feminine nonchalance with our selection of tailored. Tell your own story with an array of handmade dresses, but don’t forget the essential leather bags.

How does Ralph Lauren attract customers?

Ralph Lauren reaches clients through different media. The company uses personal selling, advertising, direct marketing, and sales promotions. At times, the company lowers the prices of products to attract customers (Lauren 68).

How long does polo take to ship?

Shipping Method: Arrives in 3-4 business days. 2-Business Day: $20. Next-Day: $25. Saturday Delivery: $35.

Who is Ralph Lauren’s wife?

Ricky Anne Loew-BeerRalph Lauren / Wife (m. 1964)