What does it mean when a Texas license plate says radio operator?

What does it mean when a Texas license plate says radio operator?

Aside from the obvious, meaning your car is registered in the state of Texas and you are, in fact, a licensed Amateur Radio Operator and the registered owner of the vehicle, the process is quite simple – almost trivial – and costs you nothing.

What does ham radio mean on a license plate?

Amateur Radio
Persons holding an unexpired Amateur Radio Station license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may be issued one set of Amateur Radio (HAM) License Plates for a passenger motor vehicle, commercial vehicle, or motorcycle registered to the licensee.

What is a radio plate?

Amateur Radio Plates are available through the Department of Motor Vehicles to any person who holds a valid Amateur Radio Station License issued by the Federal Communications Commission. The plates are inscribed with the applicant’s official amateur radio call letters and are issued in lieu of regular plates.

Do you need a license to operate a ham radio in Texas?

A: The Technician class license allows you to operate an amateur radio station on all amateur radio frequencies above 50 MHz (and select frequencies below that). The Technician frequency privileges include the popular 2 meter band where most local and area communications occur.

What do ham radio operators do?

An amateur radio operator is an individual who typically uses equipment at an amateur radio station to engage in two-way personal communications with other similar individuals, on radio frequencies assigned to the amateur radio service by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States and the …

What is a radio officer?

A radio officer is a person who helps to monitor and keep track of the communications aspect in a ship. The name ‘radio officer’ came into existence because in the olden days, there used to be radios which were used as tools of communication between the coast guard and the ship.

What does a lightning bolt on a license plate mean?

amateur radio operator license plate
So what does it mean? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts uses the lightning bolt to designate an amateur radio operator license plate. The plate number is the owner’s call sign, as issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How do I get a ham radio plate in Illinois?

To Apply

  1. One must provide a legible photocopy of a current FCC license.
  2. The request can only be processed in Springfield. Apply in person or mail the proper documentation to: Secretary of State. 501 S. 2nd St. Howlett Building, Rm. 541. Springfield, Illinois 62756.

How hard is the ham technician test?

The Technician and General License exams each have 35 questions, and the Amateur Extra has 50. In order to pass the each test, you must get at least a 74%. For Technician and General, this means you must get 26 questions right out of the 35 questions.

What is the average age of a ham radio operator?

Although the number of amateur radio operators in many countries increases from year to year, the average age of amateur radio operators is relatively high. In some countries, the average age is over 80 years old, with most amateur radio operators earning their license in their 40s or 50s.